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  1. Ahh mate, so sorry to hear this, hope the thieving shitbag gets his !! I so hope all your work and mods etc.are backed up somewhere safe dude.......................
  2. I have one, its a good stick , however sometimes under win 10 it can be finicky, it needs to use USB 2 really, so on a lot of machines not all the USB ports are 2.0 some are 3 and other iterations, this can cause the stick to be awkward or not work quite how you would like it to, but there are work arounds, also some of the keys, even under Win 7 are not picked up by the sim, for some unknown and arcane reason. That being said, the throttle quadrant, although a single throttle, not a split one, is very nice, the stick I have heard some people moaning its a bit sloppy, however I have never had issues with it. So, until you can afford a Warthog, then it is a good and serviceable bit of kit, the Saitek rudder pedals are decent as well, they have toe brakes as well as the rudder function, the stick does have an in built ruder twist grip which works just fine as well, altogether a better option than the newer X56 , which apparently is a bag of shite.
  3. Jet pilot

    You just need to do some generic bone domes now in green or white , for standard NATO aircrew.
  4. Iran strikes US bases in Iraq.

    I think we can all agree the people of Iran are the losers, and are the poor buggers who suffer and deserve far far better, Iran was a relatively happy and prosperous nation before the Ayatollahs removed a bad Shah and replaced Him with their own brand of insanity, but the question that everyone here I think agrees on is that something must be done, they questions are what, how , and when. if the Iranians do manage to achieve entry into the nuclear club, then I think all may agree that this would be a terrible thing. and must be prevented at all costs. Religious zealotry is also a terrible weapon , no matter from where it comes , be it christian, Muslim, or any other one cares to mention, I dislike religion, it causes more grief and suffering than almost any other thing, when folk are willing to die for their God entity, then we know everything has turned shit shaped !! Also, I am sorry to say this, but shouldn't the Arabs themselves be sorting this crap out, instead of expecting the US and Britain and France to solve their local issues ? I'm no politician, or strategist, I'm just and old ground pounding grunt, but from my particular slit trench, this situation looks shitty, and needs sorting without delay.
  5. Iran strikes US bases in Iraq.

    You must bear in mind that the Iranians are not comparable to the Iraqi's Iraq fought a war with Iran for 8 years and achieved absolutely sweet sod all, granted the Iranians were fighting on their own home soil, so had a slight advantage there, but the Iraqi's used CBRN and still failed to defeat them, I feel a similar state of affairs would exist if ground forces were to be committed to any liberation of Iran, these chaps will fight , hard and long, yes eventually they will lose, but at huge cost. Another factor to consider is that the Iranian average fighting man, has known nothing other than the leadership of religious nutters who destroyed the country in 1979, so they are indoctrinated, and committed to the cause, because they know or understand no differently , they will fight using human wave tactics as they did in the Iran Iraq war, and will be driven by a religious zeal that we as Westerners cannot conceive or identify with. for the most part they are pretty well equipped, especially the Revolutionary Guard, or whatever they are called, and winning ( if you can call it that ) this type of war , will be hugely costly in manpower and tax dollars. If the Chinese and Russians get involved, which I think they would, then things could go shit shaped very swiftly. Unfortunately there is no easy answer to the Iran problem, however, it is a problem that needs to be resolved, sooner rather than later, and one that should have been resolved many years ago, but we all failed to do so, partly due to we were hoping Iraq would have been victorious maybe ? who knows, none of us work for Intel , or if they do , wont admit it of course. Scary and worrying times indeed.
  6. Iran strikes US bases in Iraq.

    I wasn't suggesting that Iran is the injured party, far from it, I merely stated I am not surprised that a retaliatory strike was instigated, in answer to an open and highly visible attack upon their territory . if you put the shoe on the other foot, Had Iran launched an open strike upon US military assets, then the US response would have been exactly the same. Face saving ? possibly, understandable and expected ? For sure. I totally agree the US and the West has shown great restraint, which maybe in hindsight is possibly an error on our behalf, the head should have been removed from this particular snake many many years ago, but that has not happened, and the Iranian leadership has been allowed to create terror , mayhem, and murder on a huge scale over the past 30 years or more, as for your suggestion that Iran could be brought to heel with airstrikes etc. That to some extent may be true, but I would also advise caution, due to the fact that China and Russia would almost certainly stink their fat noses in, and that may be a rather nasty situation, and could escalate the whole thing to a very bad situation indeed, also, airstrikes alone, do not win wars, there have to be boots on the ground, and US and British troops will be thrown into another insurgency ground operation, with IED's and extremist guerrilla warfare , this as has been proven in Iraq and even more so in Afghanistan, a very bad time for ground troops , and The Iranians will fight they have been indoctrinated since the 70's by Islamic extremist leadership, every man and his dog has a weapon, and they are not the Iraqi's . I dread to think what the butchers bill would be should this be the case. So in conclusion, I think your idea of airstrikes etc. is maybe not the way it would play out, it is of zero use taking out infrastructure and leadership, with out then "liberating" the ground with men carrying a rifle and bayonet, otherwise the remnants of the old guard will find a way to rise from the ashes, and still be a big headache.
  7. Iran strikes US bases in Iraq.

    Well to play Devils advocate, it is hardly surprising that Iran has retaliated, I would have been surprised if they had not done so, and they have done it in an open manner the same as the US did. I just hope that we dont get embroiled in an all out war with Iran, it will be messy and costly , also there is a risk of dragging the Chinese and Russians into any potential conflict. That being said, Iran is a very loose cannon with a very nasty CBRN capability, which I feel sure they would use, which is also an less than ideal situation, even if US & Brit forces are very well equipped to deal with it. The whole situation with Iran needs to be sorted out, this is a true fact, however I am not sure open conflict is a good idea, worrying times indeed .
  8. all well and good if all the sailors and soldiers of the OPFOR are at the very least trained to a sort of acceptable level, however, most Chinese/Korean/ whatever although there are indeed a lot of them, are mainly poorly trained conscripts, and yes i know weight of numbers etc. etc etc. however, they are not very good, also their Officers, are for the most part short service conscripts too, with pretty much zero practical knowledge or experience, even the regulars are by Western standards, mediocre, their kit isn't the best either, yes its serviceable for the most part, but in no way comparable to anything the West can bring to bear. Are they scary ? yes, of course they are ( they have weight of numbers if nothing else.) but for the most part they aren't very well trained, or equipped, dont forget most of what we see that makes us gulp, is for propaganda purposes, and does not accurately represent the actual fighting capability of the Chinese, yes there are a hell of a lot of them, and they have in the past proven to be hard fighters, they certainly gave the Japanese a run for their money !! But since Korea in the 50's not many Chinese troops ( and I count the Navy and Air Forces in this ) have had much real combat or tactical experience. Yeah they have a lot of surface ships, but the US Submarine Fleet could eat them alive, and dont forget it wouldn't just be the US, up against them, there woul;d be other NATO forces involved should this rather unfortunate situation occur, not that I think it will to be honest, the Chinese at the end of the day are far from stupid, why fight a physical war which you stand good chance of losing, or maybe just being badly mauled, when you can win by economic means !!
  9. Top Gun 2 Trailer 2

    It will be gung ho, corny, inaccurate," America is the best " , jingoistic, the aircraft will make evolutions that no fighter pilot on earth would even consider, every cannon round will be laser guided ( for the "blue" team ) , it I hope will have a music score to kill for, it will be another recruiting tool for the US Navy, it will be daft, stupid, ridiculous, and most of all, EFFIN' GLORIOUS !!!
  10. Paint colours do indeed vary from manufacture to manufacture, a good case in point is the WWII German RLM colours, also, could the colour variances in different pictures not actually be colour differences, but in fact different lighting on the same subject , it can have a huge effect on what the camera picks up and records .
  11. London Bridge Attack

    Drug dealer, not so much, but the others yes, most definitely. Maybe hard labour for other nasty crimes, breaking rocks and digging ditches etc.Unfortunately we live in a world of do gooder human rights teeth gnashers, and overpaid lawyers, its rather a shame that these afore mentioned people dont focus their ire upon Governments, as they are almost as bad as some of these terrorist bastards.
  12. You are doing some sterling work my friend, good to see this new ground equipment . Keep it up mate !!
  13. London Bridge Attack

    The Govt could make a fortune in spectator participation event harharhar, it worked in the Middle ages all the way through to the late 1800's.....Dont judge me !!!
  14. London Bridge Attack

    This is true, and until measure are taken to dissuade the wankers of their actions, they will continue, even the IRA thought long and hard about creating this sort of mayhem on the mainland before they did it, and they were serious bad guys. We need a no mercy policy, as this is the only way to deal with these bastards, they want to die, so I for one would have no issue with helping them along the path to their happy hunting grounds.
  15. London Bridge Attack

    Aerate the fuckers brains, or what passes for supposed brains, deal with it harshly and without compromise, dont give a shit if the liberal , namby pamby asshats dont like it, if someone steps on to our land, and threatens unarmed and defenceless civilians, then the deserve to be slotted, period, no questions, no repercussions, no inquiries , its that simple. Terrorism is not acceptable, when it targets innocents, no more than military actions that disregard civilians and non combatants, this is why they get away with it, because they know, the powers that be are frightened of goody goody back lash , well enough, time to draw the line in the sand, asphalt , concrete, whatever, and kill the fuckers dead, no prisoners, no compromse, just off the twats.......End of Dit.
  16. Do yourself a really big favour, and save your pennies up, and by SF2 and its expansions, oh and FE2 as well when you can afford it,I realise that not everyone can afford to "splash out" however the benefits are definitely worth it, everything will work just peachy then, whatever you download pretty much
  17. Now this is very interesting indeed.
  18. I Found What I Want For Christmas

    Just a shame the commentator was waffling, and got a lot of incorrect info out.....................Beautiful model though.
  19. Well that is good news, and kudos to him for doing this without any drama, I had a feeling this is the way it would pan out.
  20. Seems fair to me, I only just have seen the offending links, as I hadn't watched any of the other vids , What is interesting to see on those links is a reference to rising sun, never heard of that one. Anyone know about that content ? just out of interest.
  21. Totally agree with this. As for this, investigate fully and get the whole story, before admin takes any action to ban or not, it would be wrong to go off half cocked, even if the evidence seems to advocate executive action, due process is the only fair way of dealing with this, thats my opinion anyhow.
  22. ahhh not looked at any of those, however I think that maybe he should be given the chance to explain himself ? just a thought, everyone has the right to explain before being castigated , I for one would like to hear his side of the story.

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