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  1. Banidos J-31

  2. Su-35BM - Skin

  3. Su-34 Fullback skin pack and bits for SF2

    That's because this file only includes the skins, not the model; the model cannot be uploaded because of some piracy issues.
  4. Strike Fighters 2: War For Israel V3.0 + Sandbox

    This is by far one of the best (if not the best) mods of CombatAce, along with NatoFighters and your other packs, Spectre.
  5. feliz navidad

    Feliz navidad a todos y próspero año nuevo.
  6. Superb Raptor, CadeteBra.
  7. Banidos J-31

    English: Not bad at all, AleDucat. After seeing tihs plane, I can hardly wait for Banidos' PAK FA. Español: Nada mal, AleDucat. Después de ver este avión, apenas puedo esperar el PAK FA de Banidos
  8. Vulcan B2

    I completely agree with JDUK. At least, here in CA people know how to do things the right way. PD: thanks a lot, RussoUK2004.
  9. VFA-101 CAG & Line Bird skins for F-35C

    Wow, that's an amazing skin for the Lightning. Good job pal.

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