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  1. bout darn time whooo hoooo and i got fist dibs
  2. Su-47 Berkut for WoE / SF1

    yeah buddy its golden eagel time lol
  3. Northrop-Loral f-19

    new background sceens. sorry im update it so it be better to fix from here.
  4. File Name: Northrop-Loral f-19 File Submitter: mackeral83 File Submitted: 17 April 2013 File Category: The Combat Ace What If Hangar F-19A Nothrop-Loral project. basics stared need help to finnish it Click here to download this file
  5. Northrop-Loral f-19

    Version 1.001


    F-19A Nothrop-Loral project. basics stared need help to finnish it
  6. img00008

    aint no fun thill the whole crew get thowe jets too
  7. nobody wanna help me make this bird fly :{{
  8. this one was done by northrop-loral back in 1983. it showed up as a poster. then in 1987 made a model by monogram. This is the one i want to build
  9. say guys u think we can really build this plane or what i started on this mess and need hepl finnishing it
  10. Banidos J-31

    we need an update
  11. darne shiip to strong! yaaaarg that blows my timber lol. anyways how to take off from carriers anyways
  12. caint find the actual plane on here nooooooooo ;______{{ help me out please

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