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  1. Dogfights Soundtrack for Menus

    DOGFIGHTS Soundtrack Converted to WAV
    by JosefK
    Although this is my conversion, all the credit really should go to FranK11 on YouTube who put both volumes of the two "Dogfights" episodic series soundtrack there plus YouTuber Mobius 176 who placed "Dogfights History Channel Soundtrack Deadly Skies Main Theme" on YouTube also.  I just downloaded the clips and converted to MP3, then WAV.  If the WAV is insufficient, I have the MP3s.
    Of course, you're going to have to rename the files to which background music you want in SF2.  That's up to you, but some pointers from recent experience & going over Viper63's awesome work:
    1) You will want to put a WAV in the Flight folder to call "Loading.wav" and a screen called "LoadingScreen.jpg"
    2) You will want to rename these files to the names below and park in the Menu folder:
    You also should create many JPGs for the menu folder like at the least:
    There you go.  Probably more information than you wanted, but information you need in modding menus for SF2.


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  2. AGM-158C LRASM

    AGM-158C LRASM by @JosefK
    This is a data + skin mod of the AGM-158 for the C model, the Long Range Anti-Ship Missile or LRASM.  All based on @FastCargo's AGM-158 JASSM for the anti-ship missile variant.
    It's worth noting has a service start year of 2018 and is assumed to stop serving in 2050.  Also the LRASM has a range of over 600 km/300 nm.
    In Real-Life/RL, the LRASM has only been integrated with the B-1B and the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet but the intention is to make her work with the F-35 and vertically launch from ships.  US Navy (USN) and Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) only customers so far, but Sweden, Australia, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada and Japan are likely customers also.  To read more, go here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AGM-158C_LRASM
    Feel free to report any bugs.  This is my first serious weapons mod effort.


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    Here is a wad of avionics.ini mods for the SF2 F-111s by @FastCargo.  Now granted I recommend @viper63a's F-111 add-ons to graft on top of 'em you can get here: https://combatace.com/files/category/630-f-111/ 
    Basically what I've done is add a CCIP or Continuously Calculated Impact Point to the HUD.  The intent is to give you the chance to be a lot more accurate droping Mk 80-series dumb bombs in the F-111.  Especially since  there is no feedback when bombing from the Weapons System Operator/WSO in SF2.  
    Now I realize this isn't realistic for the days of the F-111 when there was absolutely NO helmet-mounted display that could project on top of a cockpit like now in 2020 with the Lightning IIs, Flankers, Fulcrums and arguably other front-line jets like the Super Hornet & Typhoon.  Frankly from the research I've done most of the F-111 variants with the exception of the D likely never got a CCIP.  The fact later models got a PAVE TACK to drop laser-guided bombs was a factor and of course, the F-111 had the Lead Computing Optical Sight that one can't program in SF2.  So this copy-paste job of mine could very well be the next best thing with at least a realistic icon big enough to have some decent risk of circular error.
    Maybe there is better, hence this being an open beta.  I would also like to incorporate terrain following into a bigger avionics upgrade... ;-).


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