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  1. After Phantom Phriday and Cruddy Monday and Sukhoi Sunday it had to come.... The Very Simple Rules: - You can post on Monday your local time zone only. - Your pics can feature any Mikoyan aircraft, in the care of any real world or fantasy nation or aggressor group or mercenary. - If other aircraft happen to be in the frame, that's fine. As long as the Mikoyan is the primary subject. - As many posts as you want each Monday, and you can have multiple pictures in each post 😁 With that, here's some MiG-31BM action... Yes, I found I had to move the decals.ini to Aircraft\MiG-31BM\Soviet1. Just part of the debugging process folks...
  2. Yes, and to check I noticed I didn't add some time to the ServiceEndYear. You probably should change the ServiceEndYear to 2035 if not 2040. Yours right now is at 2020.
  3. Sure I can help with this...
  4. MiG-31 action.... Yup, just how Russian Naval Aviation would operate their Foxhounds against the JASDF in a real shooting war:
  5. Before it's too late in my time zone... Su-22 Fitter: Su-27 Flanker at Night Hoping the Flares Work: Su-24 Fencer Getting Some 20mm From A F-15J:
  6. Well if I had the time, I'd definitely create a Canadian Su-30 or Su-35... ;-). Canada would be fools not to at least give Sukhoi a good, hard look.
  7. Thanks for your work on this. I would let others worry about the skins...
  8. Ha ha, so maybe the Brits stole the Russians' plans for the Fencer.......... and for some reason liked it @fallenphoenix1986. I would think as to repurposing Russian jets for NATO, maybe try a Flanker variant for Canada? Or Spain going for the Yak-141 Freestyle and/or the MiG-29 Fulcrum? Just a few thoughts.
  9. OK, serious question... why would you do this? It's unmistakably a Su-24 Fencer and if the Brits wanted another swing-wing to go with their Tornado they'd get a F-111.
  10. I disagree, you can limit nations to exclude US in terrain. But that is the price tag - total exclusion of US forces.
  11. A few airbase thoughts: #1. How does someone program them into a terrain? I'm sure the answer is somewhere that can be hyperlinked but.... #2. How about an airbase with a lot of hangars that are more like tents - open back & front, just provide shade and shelter for the maintenance staff? #3. Be nice if multiple hangars could be targeted. But that's me!
  12. You might want to take a browse thru 

    Put in a few fixes to the MiG-31BM building on your great work!

  13. I should probably also attach the MiG-31BM & AA-6D as successfully modified and tested a half-dozen times so others can use them. 2019-05-18 2014 Hours JAK Backup of MiG-31BM.7z AA-6D.7z Thanks again for the help Crusader.
  14. Well looks like I have a fix folks.... thanks @Crusader: Also here's why the Acrids and why I went into at least ten (10!) hours of trouble to get the SF2 Foxhound some Acrids:
  15. Thought it was time for me to start a forum thread on my Nihon Hitori 2020 campaign to update all on my progress. Learned a lot so far as to the SF2 engine, much more to learn. Also wanted to start a forum thread to explain my creative process and keep folks abreast of developments plus pose questions. Now the pretext of "Nihon Hitori 2020" (Japan Alone 2020 in Japanese) is a mid 2/2020 campaign where the 201 & 203 JASDF Squadrons of F-15Js hold the line against a red tide of Flankers attacking Japanese ships & Hokkaido airports until JASDF reinforcements arrive to start shoving the Russians off of the Kurils as payback... and then a few F-35As help F-2A reinforcements kick a** ending with an explosive air-sea battle against a Russian surface task force. All within 24 hours, so the JMSDF emergency task force is racing up at 30 knots to have some AEGIS & aircraft-carrying destroyers formate with some older "escort destroyers" out of Ominato base and then sortie together to North Hokkaido from their Honshu bases while the shooting war only intensifies. All without overt US assistance as the current US President is more than likely to tell Japan they're on their own - he's already shown a clear misunderstanding at best of his responsibilities as Commander-in-Chief, a clear contempt for NATO, a deep empathy for Russian President Vladimir Putin, there's some open contempt between the current Japanese Prime Minister & the US President as a previous mentorship seems to have fallen apart, and the current US President even openly thinks, "If the United States keeps on … its current path of weakness, [Japan is] going to want to have [nuclear weapons] anyway with or without me discussing it." With that backstory, here's how the first mission is going to likely go: There's still some things that need to be firmed up, but this is the general idea for mission 01. Using WikiPedia for Order of Battle/ORBAT unless tipped off for a better source so Sukhoi Flanker plane color schemes and variants can and will change. When the second mission in sequence is firmed up and the third & fourth one (one of which will have JASDF F-35A), will announce that here also. Please follow this topic and ask me any questions or requests you got. Goal is to drop this mission pak on or before 25 March 2019 - my birthday!
  16. A Russian Naval Interceptor Pair Over the Kurils.......
  17. OK, here's what I did: Removed the specific station code. It's really unnecessary as for the sake of the mission pak, I will be programming in specific ordnance loads for the Russian jets. If I do a Russian side of the story, maybe I'll regret that decision. Changed the NavalAviationIntercept to something shorter with a bit more data: Then did some, er, operational testing on JASDF aggressor F-15DJs & F-2As. End results: Thank you @Crusader for your help. I never woulda thought of that specific pylon code... until probably 1 AM local time!
  18. Thanks, I will look for this code in the AA6 and MiG-25, then report back. Yup, I gotta fix that. @Crusader give me a couple of hours max and we'll see where I am. @JosefK
  19. Going to need some help bringing this to full fruition - see But enjoy the teasers:
  20. Having some serious game-stopping difficulties here. For a slice of them - go here: For now, enjoy a screenshot of a new mission that I've pretty much got to work:
  21. I am having some real problems though in grafting the AA-6Ds onto the MiG-31BM. First, here's why this effort from the latest Air Forces Monthly: Second, here is the in-game MiG-25 version of the Acrid: Third, even though the weapon is clearly programmed into the MiG-31BM I never get it: To make this even worse, I now don't have AA-9 Amos missiles either this morning: So I'm going to attach the 12 PM 18 May 2019 Pacific versions of the weapons data files also... AA-6D_data.INI AA-9_data.INI AA-9B_data.INI Also for the record here is the MiG-31BM data file and loadout files: MiG-31BM_DATA.INI MiG-31BM_LOADOUT.INI Note the "NavalAviationIntercept" and "NavalAviationInterceptLongRange". Now here's my test mission: MiG-31BM Foxhound Intercept 1.MSN Just two MiG-31BMs against F-2As. I'm going to keep plugging away at this but would appreciate any help from the CombatAce community please.
  22. Is there a "how to install" or a readme somewhere that I missed?
  23. Really like all you are doing @10107 but have some feedback for you: #1. Please release your decals file/files. They are really nice. #2. I just read the most recent Air Forces Monthly that had a piece on the Russian Naval Aviation MiG-31s based in Kamchatka. They are still using the AA-6D IR missiles on the wings and the AA-9 Radar missiles under the jet - no R-77s. You can get the AA-6D from the MiG-25P-PD-PDS-PDX 2.0 pak by @paulopanz. #3. The Russian Naval Aviation MiG-31s pictured used exclusively blue nose decals for numbers. #4. For my Nihon Hitori campaign at the least going to incorporate #2. More later...
  24. DCS Weekend News: 17 May 2019

    Also, the A-5 is part of Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum's flying collection: http://flyingheritage.org/Explore/The-Collection/Germany/Focke-Wulf-Fw-190-A-5.aspx A lot easier to simulate something that's actually flying with real maintenance & aircrew to talk to!
  25. I really think additional air defenses would be realistic. Otherwise, looks great.

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