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  1. Keflavik F-15s during the Cold War

    Made my friggin' day!
  2. Enough dreaming. Time to fly for real...

    Good luck mate. I can't really say that I'm anything close to an aviator, but I know you won't be disappointed!
  3. Games with the tomcats

    Well, none really. But IRIS may (in a couple of years time though, so don't get too excited yet) release a fully functional F-14A for DCS: World (with TWO functional cockpits!). Unless of course you're looking to bomb stuff in the -D Tomcat, then I'd say you're out of luck for now D:
  4. Guided 0.50 Cal bullets

    the future's so dang scary
  5. Su-25s for Iraq

    Wow. So they weren't just talking when they said Sukhois were coming! Hope they'll be helpful.
  6. City of Mosul falls to al Qaeda, 2 more cities fall

    I've definitely missed a few episodes, but what is he talking about when he speaks of delusion? They made the decision to buy those planes, and I really don't know what he could get at that price point that a Sukhoi can do but a Viper can't. But for now, I look forward to seeing those "second-hand jets" that will arrive "within days" and suddenly do what they have failed to do for the past weeks. I hope I'll be proven wrong here.
  7. F-86 Sabre 10:1 Kill ratio over Korea

    I wonder how many air combat resulted in a victory. Not a complete shootdown, but a victory. As far as I'm concerned, the answer to this question could end gazillions of youtube debates :D Anyway, interesting read, thanks for posting.
  8. Creepy Middle Eastern music

    Those arab sounds definitely make an impression. When played on electric guitars, they sound satanic :D I think I do have a couple songs in my head, but imo they're not what you're looking for.
  9. Not seeing A-7s in parades ever again is sad, I'll miss them. But well, I guess we have no other realistic option. After all, it's been a few years since they stopped being of any decent operational value.
  10. Selfie!

    Pilot selfies are the best. The background is about as good as it can get, they don't force others to see their face, plus what's not cool about a fighter?
  11. City of Mosul falls to al Qaeda, 2 more cities fall

    http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=edf_1402632143 I hope this is true, and it better show some results.
  12. T-50 catches fire

    Don't even want to think about it lol
  13. Very good news my friends

    you are one tough person! THAT's some good news. Always good to hear someone beat cancer!
  14. Leatherneck: Mig-21Bis

    holy shit BEAUTIFUL
  15. MiG-21 attack

    holy shit

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