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  1. Talon SF2



    Updated Talon to SF2 standards... included the updated tweaks so the wings sweep properly and you dont become a flaming wreck if you use full burner...
  2. Ok had a mad fun idea Does anyone know if anyone has made a B-36 Peacemaker in game? was going to make a RAF version, place it between the Lincoln and the Vulcan I historical reference, but with a twist.. imagine if you will that when Rolls-Royce sold the Nene Turbojet plans to the Russians (not our finest hour ill admit) that we got plans for the Kuznetzov turboprops from the Bear A in the trade, was going to ini mod a B-36 for a bit of banter with the Kuznetzov K2 engines of a Bear bomber just to make a RAF Special Operations variant...
  3. anyone got a link? I did have it on my favourites but recent computer breakage has lost it
  4. Ok I did s quick search and couldn't spot this so here goes I wanna create an Alternate Desert Storm campaign by modding the current one... a What-If campaign if you will just cant seem to get the Aircraft to show up in the Selectable aircraft list when you create campaign... was looking to make a what-if RAF campaign, using the TSR2 and the Hawker Siddley Storm instead of the Tornado and Jaguar respectively Any ideas how?
  5. http://combatace.com/files/file/14084-hawker-siddeley-strom-fgr1/
  6. Been messing with the Talon Data...... sent them to Zur and he verified them...... they do work Engine Changes SLThrustDry=80000.00 SLThrustWet=200000.00 Wing Changes [swingwings] SystemType=HIGHLIFT_DEVICE DeploymentMethod=AUTOMATIC_SPEED Setting[1].Angle=30.0 Setting[1].DeployValue=300.0 Setting[1].RetractValue=600.0 MaxDeflection=30.0 MinDeflection=0.0 ControlRate=1.0 AnimationID=1 Edit the Talon_Data.ini with the above changes and the Talon wing sweep should work as it should..... and the engines will allow you to ramp them up to full without making you a fireball.
  7. will there be a "What If" Bomber version too?
  8. i like the Buck Rodgers interceptor
  9. would you be aiming at a play on Blazing Saddles with this one? as in "we dont need no stinking Badgers!"
  10. i was thinking about that the other day.... is it gonna be released eventually?
  11. File Name: AF2000_SF2 File Submitter: Dreamstar File Submitted: 10 Apr 2010 File Category: SF2 Series Add On Aircraft Russouk2004's fantastic What If aircraft updated to SF2 standards with kind permission Click here to download this file
  12. AF2000_SF2



    Russouk2004's fantastic What If aircraft updated to SF2 standards with kind permission
  13. ive been trying to get the bugger to work in SF2 but its not playing lol.....
  14. Any plans to relese the Avenger Spinners?
  15. i know im gonna get shouted at but i have to point out a slight disparigy with the above comment.... Its not always winds or weather... infact a few spring to mind: Spitfire ( if its like that outside i aint goin out ) Mosquito ( hmmmm Malaria... lovely ) Tomahawk ( ok not strictly a RAF name but still.... its gonna leave wounds ) ok ok there are probably more but you get what i mean.... i am now braced for revenge or abuse
  16. id just lifted off.... managed to get it that low and put wing leveler on
  17. Anyone else think this isn't low enough for an under the radar penetration?
  18. Lookin Sweet Ed..... is there gonna be a "What If" Bomber Version too? :lol:
  19. Oh im liking them Sundowner.... you gonna release them....
  20. Ed.... tell these stupid idiots to stick their heads up their arses.... clearly they are spineless wimps as they havent publicly confronted you...

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