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  1. yes, changes in MFD displays triggered by such avionic events are possible. But as explained earlier, it requires 3D modelling and a lot of `out of the box´ thinking (and obviously trial and error). With regard to the TMF F14 cockpit, the fact that the displays can be changed by simly pressing a key really stems from the largely unused A/G capabilities. something like this: Radar on -> Shows Radar Page or Radar off -> Shows ADI page
  2. Why don´t you just add the radar range text to the radar scope – that´s an easy fix in the avionics.ini.
  3. Caesar, was the LANTIRN feedback actually displayed at the HSD? I found no information on this but naturally assumed it would be displayed as part of the VDI TV mode. If it adds to realism, there may be a way to split LANTIRN and TCS feedbacks to HSD and VDI, respectively (dependant on the selected master mode).
  4. ok, just a small update: I´ve decided to make variant-specific cockpit updates accoring to the F14-variants included in the Tomcat Superpack (excluding the D-models). Avionics were cleaned up and warning lights and inicators are now working as they are suposed to (based on the NATOPS). The VDI symbology was updated and colors were changed according to real-life in-cockpit footage, as well as several texture repaints (including variant-specitic worn-out textures). I´ve still some things to sort out, but we´re getting closer ;) This is the updated F14A_82 cockpit, which was given a vector RWR (this is a trade off for realism, since the RWR dislay was atually not present in the A-model cockpits at all). and this is the current F14B_96 pit, featuring a more worn-out look:
  5. Hi everybody, I´m deeply sorry that I didn’t yet find the time to upload this face-lifting mod. I´m positive that I will be able to upload during the upcoming holidays (probably with an autopilot indicator, thanks to Florain!). Good news is, that I´m about to bring the same modifications to the TMF B(A+)-model cockpit. During this process I will also clean up the avionics, which were a big mess from the very beginning (I´m allowed to say that since I made them). So long, Chris
  6. sorry, I completely forgot about this thread (partly because I haven´t played SF in a while).... I will pack it up and upload the modified files (no further delevopment beyond the things already described in this thread, though) - two weeks
  7. Hey, just noticed in the (Non-Super) Hornet cockpit that it features some dynamic shadows from the cell/fuselage – I´d love to have this in other planes; Are there some magic ini-entries to activate dynamic shadows in the cockpit or is this a 3D-model feature? Cheers, Chris
  8. small update: I added a third selectable Master Mode (VDI and HUD), representing the Take Off mode (straight from the NATOPS; also quite usefull in low level flying): and added CMD markings, Mach and Altitude readouts to the Cruise Mode: Right now I´m revising the Radar screen, so it resembles more closely the symbology depicted in the NATOPS (and that of the TMF cat).
  9. thanks - unfortunately this didn´t work. I try to add more symbology to the VDI display; however, it seems that many things don´t work on the VDI like they do on the Radar or HUD displays...
  10. Folks, is there any code to implement an autopilot or wing leveler indicator/light?? I searched a few cockpits with no luck, but it would be good to have a confirmation
  11. does anyone know whether this skin pack will also work with a SF2:NA-only install? The DLC page indicates no, but I think to remember that the basic Navy F-4 files are also included in the NA-cat files...
  12. found some time for additional ini-changes (Master Arm is now off when in NAV-Modes) and added the missing ASE circle (comes up when in AA-Mode and missle ready; not fully working but still a good reference to place the steeering T): On a related note: is it possible to add 3d objects (lods) to a cockpit, e.g. via the fake pilot method? Cheers, Chris
  13. the skin for the persian cats looks promising–however, I also think that TK should focus more on substancial improvements and fix still broken/missing features (e.g., there are still no working stall warning and autopilot lights, the master arm switch animation is broken/way off and most of all: how hard can it be to replace those ugly F-15 seats in the cat??)
  14. I´ve added missing details to the ACMI panel, tweaked the colors, increased the contrast of labels, added HUD reflection, corrected the stick labels [...] – will upload soon

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