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  1. Did you do the nation.ini change as suggested on the download page or did you use the one in the install for the F4-E aggressors. Im not an expert on this but it sounds like a problem with the nations.ini to me
  2. I would suggest a clean install, and make sure you move your mod folder or rename it in your case and see if the problem still exists. If it fixes it then it is something in the mod folder.
  3. I have yet to see the stutter. Just upgraded from an older Nvidia GPU to a newer Nvidia GTX 560 TI and still no problems here.
  4. After hearing that my life is now complete!
  5. 4th of July

    Per your request, these are actually from the 1st of July but close enough. Have a fun and safe 4th of July! 2 P40s and a P38 P51 C flying over
  6. The New Thunderbirds...

    LOL, In all seriousness watched a Thunderbird crash at Mountain Home AFB back in 03
  7. Thanks for the info, now if i can remember to use it!
  8. Hey, new to the forum! Taking a little flak in the A-6E
  9. Top Gun Music Theme for SF2 Series

    This is awesome!

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