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  1. CH FighterStick, Pro Throttle and Pedal Profile

    I remember creating a Command File for Falcon (hosted there at The Hangar). 412 commands! I thought, holy crap there's a bunch of commands! Then, DCS came out... OY VEH!
  2. Your first combat flight sim...

  3. Sad news for me.

    RAVEN Prayers IWK.
  4. Feeling a bit nostalgic, but...

    Sadly, or not, still THE best Naval OPS Flight Sim.
  5. Feeling a bit nostalgic, but...

    Jane's F/A 18? Hush you!
  6. Feeling a bit nostalgic, but...

    Thanks guys. But, my XP Pro machine is/was already set up for those titles. Like I said, I'll need to figure out the routing of cables, powered USB Hub to connect to both systems... Should be fun!
  7. Feeling a bit nostalgic, but...

    unable to run Jane's F/A 18, Combat Flight Simulator, Combat Flight Simulator II on my current system even with compatibility modes set. So, I broke out an old Win XP Pro Machine I had stored away. Just have to figure out cable routing... in the Obutto to accommodate the two machines, mouses, keyboards... Film at eleven. I hope.
  8. Two Marines Moving ... an awesome business!

    OORAH! S/F Two Marines Moving!
  9. In case you missed it...

    The Combat ACE X-56 Review... http://combatace.com/topic/89350-combatace-saitex-x-56-hotas-review-by-531ghost/?do=findComment&comment=722317
  10. Saitek X56 Review

    Received the review unit. Finishing up the review. It should be posted soon (two weeks )
  11. Saitek X56 Review

    Still waiting for the review unit. They were supposed to be shipped to SD on the 20th and from there, to me. Film at...
  12. Saitek X56 Review

    Contacted Saitek a few weeks ago regarding their new X56 Rhino for possible review. Well, they've replied to my request and have offered up a unit for me to review. My plan is to do a side by side comparison of the X55 and X56. Hardware, software, INSIDE and out. If you know anything about me, I like to tinker and or mod/build/re-engineer stuff HOTAS related. My plan, after the initial impressions is to open the X56 up, and see what makes it tic, so to speak. Then, (queue mad scientist laugh) see how much trouble I can get myself into... Film at eleven.
  13. This can't be good...

    for some... Discuss...
  14. DCS World 1.5.2 Released

    It's a shame that the "Module Manager" doesn't manage ALL modules. Other than that

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