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  1. A-6F Intruder 2

    Wait, do you mean in wasn't meant to go in the SF1 section?
  2. Yeah the F2G would be very neat along side with some other older What ifs like the Fisher Xp-75 Eagle and A-2D Skyshark. http://www.militaryfactory.com/imageviewer/ac/pic-detail.asp?aircraft_id=420&sCurrentPic=pic1
  3. Yeah, its my 2nd favorite ATF my favorite one being the YF-23.
  4. X 50 stealthraider

    Cool... looks like a YF-23 with a rocket or scramjet engine!
  5. Todays my birthday!

    Happy Birthday fellow aircraft enthusiast!
  6. I like the Su-34 but i'm gonna have to say my favorite is the F-15e
  7. New Tracer Colors

    The green would be great for UFO's lol
  8. CH Fighterstick/Pro Throttle

    ah i see thank you
  9. CH Fighterstick/Pro Throttle

    uuhh well ok than...
  10. Ah, sorry than I suppose I'll wait until further notice.
  11. Thank you Spinners, and Roger can you re-upload the YF-12 please?
  12. Well that stinks... she looks beautiful though
  13. I'm very new to this sim and I would love to have these aircraft! A-2d Skyshark T-4ms X-32c YF-12 Blackbird YF-25 Also one of my own concepts the F-15X Hyper Active

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