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  1. I also use a T-Flight Stick-X (so, the stick version, not the hotas version) and I find it to be no worse than the Logi Extreme 3D Pro. The stick "strength" adjustment on the base is a blessing (super nice to have), and the overall construction has proved to be very good, at least to me. Mine has over 2 years of constant use, no button issues, no calibration issues, just utter reliable. My only real beef with it is that the fire trigger feels "cheap" and minimal in comparison (to Logitech's), otherwise I think it's extremely good bang for the buck. I'm not sure if this will solve your issue, but I often use XPADDER in those situations. If you're not up to pay for a 3rd parties app, then get the latest freeware version of XPADDER from the following link: http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/xpadder_(last_freeware_version).html How to use install and use it: Extract files to an empty folder of your choice - that'll be the XPADDER installation folder. :) You'll see the XPADDER executable. Make sure to change its properties ---- "run as administrator" rights and "Windows XP SP3" compability must be used for any Windows 7/8/10 based system PC. If you wish to do it all on your own, you have many good tutorials around, inclusively on youtube. For example: https://youtu.be/HEbLO1htCcs (note that this is for the later, payware version, but it's very identical) I already have the T-Flight Stick-X joystick configured in it for a basic setup, so perhaps you prefer to use it instead. :) Extract this ZIP into the XPADDER 5.3 installation folder: https://www.dropbox.com/s/okjfduis2ot0n64/Xpadder5-3free__T-Flight-X.zip?dl=0 If all works fine, then all you need is to adjust settings and key functions/combos for your own tastes, for any game.
  2. Falcon 4 Allied Assault - is it accessible?

    OK, I'll have a go anyway. :) Got a CD copy here doying nothing, might as well just have a go. Latest patch I believe is 1.013, right? As you guys seem experienced with it, any recommended "best mods" that are not payware? I've seen SkunkworksMOD_v1.2 being mentioned... is this some sort of compilation? I know Falcon was never about eye-candy, but would want it to get closer (somewhat) to more modern standards.
  3. Falcon 4 Allied Assault - is it accessible?

    No, not looking for another SF2 in F4AF. What I'm looking for is something that sits in-between F4 BMS and SF2 in complexity, with dynamic missions and campaign. Thought F4AF could allow for that, and why I find myself looking at something so outdated. Flamming Cliffs 2 is more or less that, but then the whole thing feels lifeless, missions and (poor) campaigns are all scripted, game performance is very inconsistent (over cities, Shkval in SU-25T, Mavericks in A-10A) and etc.
  4. Falcon 4 Allied Assault - is it accessible?

    Hmmm... not looking good in F4AF's favor, have to say. If the long manual reads and slooooow learning are still there, one would say that might as well just stick with BMS then? I do have FTrackNoIr with a PS3Eye cam and use it most of the time (a cheap alternative to TrackIR). So, I would want to be with 3D all the time. And payware mods? (wtf?) Guess I should stay with Strike Fighters 2 and Flamming Cliffs 2 for now. And waiting for Combat Air Patrol 2 to be released. Thanks guys for your responses. :-)
  5. I've noticed (too late) about this other branch of Falcon and I have some doubts regarding F4AF.... if it's worth it at this point or not. I do have Falcon BMS (4.32) installed for some time now, find it absolutely brilliant, but the learning curve is immense, extremely steep if you're not really a dedicated simmer with long time to spare. Too difficult and complicated. To make matters worse, I'm now in situation where I don't have a HOTAS, just a stick (T-Flight Stick-X, same as the old Fox 2 Pro) and, in my experience, it sure doesn't cut it for BMS (seems not enough for it). I'm reading forums with people mentioning that the F4AF campaign and missions are unmatched, that the learning curve is lower than with BMS, also that you can get away with just a stick. But I can't see any mentions if it still has a very long and complex learning curve, the kind of "million-page-manual-must-read" simulation, or if it makes things aproachable enough to present a good balance? Have looked at videos and screenshots, and F4AF does show its age, but I guess there are plenty mods to make it more digestible(?). To resume, my real doubts are regarding the gameplay and the learning curve. If it's good and balanced (specifically for single-player) without becoming daunting (like BMS is), and if it's confirmed that a stick will do just fine?
  6. Combat Air Patrol 2 Video - March 2016

    This one was posted yesterday and presents some interesting aspects (check it at 2:55): A quick look at some discussions/threads in Steam, some of the nasty lens effects are optionals that the user can switch off/on. Even better, there's a chance this game will see modding support at some point.
  7. Hey guys, Just noticed that there's a new helicopter "light-sim", released on Steam as an "early acess" game title. Website: AIR MISSIONS: HIND It seems that this is something inspired on older 1990s games that were halfway between a simulator and an arcade game. It's obviously nothing like DCS:Blackshark, but might be interesting as an alternative to Apache Air Assault (which was actually not too bad, but just waaay too hectic), with more balanced pace. May be good for someone who also enjoys flying the chopper missions in Arma II and Arma III? Anyways, thought about mentioning it, and interested in hearing opinions from those of you that may have tried it already.
  8. Many thanks, Do335. But considering past disapointing experience (though not necessarily with this mod), I'd rather avoid possible inconsistency of quality with cockpits, textures, overpowered guns, etc. Meaning, this time I prefer to be patient and wait for the final product.
  9. Done a quick read through the thread, and agree that standalone mods are great. The 1950's Korean-war is an era and scenario that I'm very interested in, and I've never atempted to make a "custom built" SF2 installation dedicated for the period/scenario, because it looks absolutely daunting to do (impossible for me). We have great "care takers" of SF2 (and its modding), and it's definitely fantastic when you can trust such people as author(s) of this sort of compilation, as it somewhat ensures quality and reliable content for best end-user experience. Just wanted to say that your individual and collective efforts for this are very appreciated. Definitely "subscribing" and "liking" this thread.
  10. Combat Air Patrol 2 preview

    I've been following development of Combat Air Patrol 2 for sometime, and am really looking forward for this title. I actually like a lot the AV-8B Harrier II, and the Strait of Hormuz scenario seems very interesting to me. Good post by Do335. No doubt, there's a lot to like in "super-accurate-harcore-sims" (say, the intricate DCS modules, or F4/BMS), but then there are aspects that are also important which those are lacking. The scalabilty is usually severely compromised. There is no middle ground, usually just two opposite extremes. You either have the full-on "simulation mode" which is really complex and with huge depth (for which both these titles are obviously designed for), or a really crappy simplified "arcade mode", which is simply uninteresting and making no sense for the concept. This is why, for example, titles like StrikeFighters 2 (note: with mods) make all the sense to me. It delivers a good level between "simulation" and "game". Meaning, it's fun and accessible, neither "ludicrous arcade" or "nerdy hardcore". Flaming Cliffs is also freakin excelent as middle-ground but, TBH, and for reasons that I can't really explain, it always felt "cold" to me (plus, no dynamic missions).Whatever FC iteration, it just doesn't grab me like SF2 did and does. While I still love DCS (I absolutely adore the A-10C!), I find myself spending as much time with SF2 (lately the Vietnam module). Strange as it seems, I would love something in-between SF2 and the DCS (and with dynamic missions + campaigns). The former just strikes me as a tad too simplistic at times, and the latter requires sometimes too much study and adaptation. If Combat Air Patrol 2 is the type of sim/game I've been looking for remains to be seen, but it's looking like a day one purchase to me. PS: I hope the developer(s) consider some sort of modding support for CAP2, as limited as it may be. With it, the chances of becoming a cult/classic title increase exponentially (IMO).
  11. Sorry for necro-bumping the thread, but is there any news for this (freeware?) A-6 cockpit?
  12. I would say if you can stretch to $100, you might as well go for a Saitek X-52 (non-pro version), which sells for little over that price. You'd have a very decent H.O.T.A.S. flight joystick, good not just for SF2 but for any other combat flight sim/game. To be honest I would be content with a used Saitek X-45 (very rare to find new now), which will certainly be found under that price. Otherwise, if it's about a good simple low-cost joystick, I would go for one of these: Thrustmaster T-16000 (only joystick under $150 with hall sensor - the stick itself is said to be the best in its price bracket and well beyond) Logitech Extreme 3d Pro (proven joystick, plenty buttons, high compability) Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X (it is a stick/HOTAS combo, which will probably add immersion) Saitek AV8R Aviator (has Dual Throttle, good for dual-engine aircraft in certain games)

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