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  1. Hello guys, I have bought dcs a10a and f-15. big mistake i think at the moment. the ai of the a10a after they attacked the targets well the plane was banked for a lefthand turn but still it go's straight ahead like it was is slew modus from fsx/p3d, not single time but every time. i was filming it but for some reason nvidia recorder did not record it so i am going to record it later. also why in earth is the strobe light on that plane so bright that in daylight you can see the reflection on the sand and tarmac. and the reflection is a ugly white triangle. 1 other thing why is the sound gone above 500kts in the outside view/flyby view not only on the a10a but every plane? the sound only returns when i change the camera position behind the aircraft. can anybody help me with these issue's i got?
  2. thx wrench but i all ready had my world border adjusted like you sayd in this topic http://combatace.com/topic/63825-expanding-mapterrain-borders/ and the only object that is locted at those borders is one nuke power plant if you compair the orginal map vs my screenshot of TFDtool map.. but its not a target in the campaign that i am building i was planning that too do but thx for the reminder. what is the airfield with 4 runways? is that a stock airfield or mod? btw how can i make those type of planning maps? with those graphics instead of the TFDtool graphics
  3. i tryed but i cant get it working at the moment. do you know a forum topic about installing 3w terrein editor for sf2 north atlantic../full combine pack yeah but the map is down scaled if i am right so the brigde would also not be 32 km.. are there also big scaled airfields for like to simulate london heatrow
  4. http://postimg.org/image/oo1yznnw5/nuclear powerplant object its the demona nuke power plant of strike fighters project 1 http://postimg.org/image/462gf1165/how can i change the parked harriers for f-16's with a specific skin http://postimg.org/image/bkg8xku6r/i added some new airfields , city's, give city's proper name and some nuclear power plants plus a test range located at island called vlieland and the bomb range called vliehorst.. its a real life fire range for f-16's http://postimg.org/image/b9xze9pwn/i have a question how can i place fast and easy a bridge in SF2? i have tryed but they are facing the wrong way or to big of a gap between them. i try to remake a dutch landscape feature its a some kind of 32 km long bridge ps. the city names are in dutch right now but when i finish it i change it to english
  5. thx for the support but i stick to falcon 4 BMS for online play.. because its involving too much editing for end users and i don't want to be responseble for destroyed pc's BYE
  6. on windows 8 it works that was the problem windows 7 and below has no directplay option.. windows 8 got it again so if you want to fly online with sf2 you need windows 8 or 10 and a lot of editting and adjust some DLL's like i did
  7. maybe you have some issues because i still use directplay for morrowind online!!! and i am on a win 7 64bit sp 1 a question for you how much hardcore windows editting did you do?? last 5 years??? not much by your anwsers read this posted in 2013 http://forums.pcpowerplay.com.au/showthread.php/241372-The-Elder-Scrolls-III-Morrowind-LAN-MOD... directplay!! and like a said windows 8 has it in the options but you have to know that... and you have to activated it so please before u comment do some reseach
  8. dont believe everything on wikipedia... its men made... and that page is not up to date!!
  9. that only aplies to windows vista!! windows 7 and 8 has support for it.. because they get a lot of anger emails from gamers yes i have read it but i dont use directx 10....... and like i said there are microsoft patches for it just google it!!
  10. well maybe.. but i have found a solution for every problem there is a solution and how come i can still play sfp1 with some friend online... by using Directplay and hamachi ;-) it just need some DLL adjustment. watch this its working again in windows 8!!! and there is a patch for windows 7 to get it working again IDirectPlay4-API for Microsoft DirectPlay. this patch is for windows 7 patch number KB839643
  11. i just email them... but its sunday so i think maybe tomorrow they would read it and i copied what i did so far to them with a gently request if they give me some tips what i do wrong or what i do next. because every thing is running as it should be.. but only the multiplayer screen stay's black i don't know why i also changed to the main screen background and campaign background to see if it was byte size lock <some games use a checksum that checks if all files are the correct file size..> but that works well. i had a picture of a naked girl als main background.. so menu's can be changed this was to try what can be changed
  12. well i know with some games you can't use antialiasing with in combination with ansiotropic filtering or some vidcards don't like triple buffering with other settings.. its expirimental. for every vidcard what the best settings is. i can run SF2 at max. without any problem
  13. update... I ask Thirdwire for some tips and if they delete more stuff than i could find at the moment. i am still stuck on when clicking on multiplayer the next screen stay blank/black i use the screens and some DLL's from wings over europe and 2 from strike fighters project 1 called NETz.dll IFC23.dll i also looked inside most of the DLL's and i could not find any solution for now the game it self still runs.. everything else are working as they should be.. but the multiplayer menu well thats the problem at the moment if thats working we are back in business i added this to the exe config in the main install folder under the [system] NetworkLayerDLL= to NetworkLayerDLL=DirectPlay.dll like it is in wings over europe added [NetLaunch] GameType0Screen=MpDogfightScreen GameType1Screen=MpMissionScreen ConnectionTimeout=60 and this under the [Directory] CacheDirectory=NetCache NetCacheDirectory=NetCache added the Folder Netcache to the saved game mod folder add Core folder to the same mod folder and put the the multiplayer related DLL's in the Core folder <found under the folder called system in wings over europe> add a folder called Menu in the modfolder and added a unpacked version of the MenuData and menutext in to the Menu folder and deleted the Menudata.cat and menutext.cat out of that folder <first copy the Menu folder from you install folder to you mod folder added to the main modfolder a ini file called mainmenu and added in the ini [MultiplayerHotspot] MenuItemType=TEXTBUTTON DestinationMenu=NetworkConnectScreen TextSetting=MainMenuText ButtonSetting=MenuButtonSetting TextStringID=TXT_MENU_MULTIPLAYER TextPosition=790,458 InfoTextSetting=InfoTextSetting InfoTextStringID=TXT_MENU_MULTIPLAYER_INFO Active=TRUE this one is at stock on FALSE Enabled=TRUE this one is at stock on FALSE

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