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  1. Razbam Support

    Having the same problem with unresponsiveness to a question at Razabam’s site. Looks like Skyraiders Vol 2 download which I just purchased yesterday does not include the SF version, unless I am missing something. Emails were unanswered. Can anyone help?
  2. Any Marine Aviators in the House?

    Not Marine aviators... That is NAVY Aviation Officer Candidate School (AOCS). The candidates in that video, including Maclin, went on to receive commissions as Ensigns in the Navy. ...and it's VERY accurate. I was at Naval Aviation Schools Command in Pensacola, Florida (where that video was shot) in the summer of 1990 as an Ensign from NROTC. That's exactly how it was for the Aviation Officer Candidates (AOCs).
  3. Bf110 series

    Is there any chance what you are working on is a G model night fighter (G-4) or day destroyer (G-2)? Those would be great.
  4. I agree, boulder. In fact, I would really like a ww2 ETO campaign with the USAAF, RAF and Luftwaffe. If it was along the lines of the outstanding KAW campaign, that would be great. Now that we have the terrain, and an ever-growing number of aircraft, maybe this is coming?

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