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  1. MAN! What terrain is that?


    1. macelena


      Stock VietnamSEA with Green Hell 3.5 by Stary, around the Laos-North Vietnam border, , more or less at the latitude of Thanh Hoa, i think, probably a bit further North. The Polish madman makes them pretty.

    2. NIELS


      Yes he does! Thanks macelena - Much appreciated! :good:

      By the way the pic above is fantastic! I've included it in my screen saver. :pilotfly:

    3. macelena


      That's an honor man, glad to know you liked it. I used to have issues with mods, and i'm still pretty selective with them, but this bit here is literally a "game changer"

  2. Bae HawkT1a Cockpit

    Been flying the Hawk Russo and It may be my lack of info regarding the instruments, but it seems the HSI is not giving proper course/heading info to next way-point? The course window in upper right corner also reads crazy ie. 750 or 960? the airspeed indicator needle is winding counter clockwise also - indicates speed decrease as you accelerate. 


    Nice cockpit! Thanks, Marty (NIELS)

    1. russouk2004


      weird not sure why...will check mine,sure its working tho...will let you know asap.

  3. Some of the best screen shots I've ever seen - Worthy of framing and display!

    "Well done Yakarov79"

  4. Hi ravenclaw_007, your work is outstanding! Attention to detail is above and beyond. I periodically see your latest additions here on the screenshot pages. Will these be available in a future Wep Pak 3, or will they be periodically offered piece mill as has been done with a few of your models? Have seen several new weapons lately but no updated pack. Just wondering.

    Thank you, Marty (NIELS)

    1. ravenclaw_007



      they are part of the Weaponpack 3 , no release date yet

    2. NIELS


      Thank you - looking forward to it - much appreciated.


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