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  1. F-14A+

  2. A6E Tram

  3. Su-30MK2 for SF1 / WoE

    It's a very good model. Thanks! Looking forward a su-35s and su-30 mki
  4. EF-2000

    Overall it's a good job, but at speed exceeding 500 knots the aircraft starts shaking violently and I can't understand why Does anyone have some advice?
  5. Amazing work guys! This is one of the best model I've ever found, thank you very much!
  6. Mirage Factory F-14A Tomcat

    Very good! Everyone who loves the tomcat should download this amazing aircraft!
  7. F-14A+

    Very good work! The only thing that doesn't work is the afterburner muzzle flash, but it's not a problem: this tomcat accelerates to mach 2,4 without troubles
  8. Mirage Factory The Vought F-8E "Crusader"

    This is another well done job! The aircraft flies great and all the systems work nicely. The skin are accurate and wonderful! Everyone who loves to kill MiGs will enjoy this fantastic plane! Thank you for your work!
  9. Mirage Factory F-8J Crusader

    Great job! This aircraft works perfectly and the model is very accurate! Thank you!

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