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  1. Would it be possible to update the KoreaV3 Terrain. Dropping in the supplies file just does not work for me. This should be a simple matter of copy and paste. It is so strange. I can use the supplied BMP files and change the STOCK 3rd wire Terrains, But not Korea.....
  2. Thanks for all the extra effort Kevin. Something is porked, I do not know what? This is a completely un-modded stand alone install. Downloaded from here. https://combatace.com/files/file/15221-wings-over-korea-1-of-3/ Installation instructions followed to the letter.
  3. Guess I am doing something wrong. Didn't change anything for me.
  4. In the Game. It is my VERY basic understanding there are 3 types of arming pits in the Terrains folder. Pit 1. Pit 8. Pit 16. Is there a way to transform them from metal to say sandbags like were actually used in Korea. These screenshots are not from Korea 3 Terrain , just example. Just curious....
  5. Is there a American North West for SF2 Terrain available?
  6. Your beautiful work Wrench on the Red Star Sabre is part what inspired me with the Aggressor Sabers. Still don't know how to skin. But I can cut and paste.....
  7. I downloaded both H models from the SFP1 Dev A-Team. Interesting models. Surprisingly their FM has no afterburner. Had asked if there had been any further developments. With the 6 3 wing and slats plus wing tips a proper F-86F-40 could be developed.
  8. The OLD wheels are spinning again! F-86 AGGRESSOR SQUADRON? After tinkering around with different downloads , I decided to build an Aggressor Squadron and fight the 86 with itself....
  9. A must watch! Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6m5B5TrHJo
  10. This probably is a silly question. But many of the Campaigns and Add-Ons contain a different or new Icon that can be used with the package. What is the procedure for correctly using them?
  11. Recently acquired a new computer. Re-installing "Strike Fighters 2: Vietnam Air and Ground Expansion Pack". Going though README file. Subject A-6 Intruder. Download the FOTI A-6A from here: Copy the "cockpit" folder from the .RAR file and drop it into the following sub-directories of the \Aircraft directory in your SF2Vietnam Mod Folder (objects/aircraft): A-6A A-6B EA-6A EA-6B EB-66C KA-6D RB-66C. Following link is dead. I would like to get my "FLIGHT OF THE INTRUDER " fix!!! LOL!!!!! Where can I obtain this file?
  12. For some reason Simulation was not detecting my GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card. Went to settings and made sure the computer was using that card. Now simulation loads fine. Running at High Graphics setting in game. Display Resolution at 3840 x 2160 x32. Simulation is "Rock Solid" at 60 frames per second. Thanks for the help...... Now to Explore.

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