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  1. I have attempted to using a compare it program. But lod. files ect, ect are different. It's beyond my very basic understanding....
  3. You fellas really got a handle on the Sabre FM.... Wings over Korea all-in-one pak? By Do335 is OUTSTANDING......
  4. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. My post where not meant to be offensive first of all. If they were taken that way; MY APPOLOGIES!!!!!!! Fact remains. The 2 aircraft Early and Late are not functional with External Fuel Tanks. I can plainly see were the Modder is trying to keep the tanks exclusive to the Canadair. But Weapons file, Aircraft Data, and Aircraft Loadout ini's are not communicating. To the people that commented, question. Does your Aircraft function as designed?
  6. Entries in Weapons Folder do not agree the Lodout.ini file or Data.ini file. Guess I can scratch my head and straighten out the mess for the next week. . Shame published so long ago by EXPERTS; but still not functional.
  7. There seems to be a problem with this Download. Loadouts do not provide Fuel Tanks, for a start. Same with the Early version. Could the files be corrupt? Assistance appreciated?

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