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  1. Wings Over Ogaden

    I created a separate mod, unfortunately, the campaign doesn't work in it either. After choosing a campaign, the entire game ends. What could be wrong?
  2. Wings Over Ogaden

    Thank you for answer. In the meantime, I tried merging with another mod, but the campaign didn't work for me. Otherwise, I really liked the processing!
  3. Wings Over Ogaden

    Hello all creators, I have one question. Can this mod be merged with another base mod, or does it need to be created separately? Thank you for answer.
  4. If you're looking for fun, not reality, I recommend these great terrains: https://combatace.com/files/file/17697-novalogic-terrains/ They are really fun.
  5. Pokud Ti jde o zábavu, nikoliv o realitu, doporučuji tyto vydařené terény: https://combatace.com/files/file/17697-novalogic-terrains/ Jsou opravdu zábavné.
  6. Helicopters flight model

    I've never been much for helicopters, looks like I'm about to change my mind! Excellent work!
  7. SF2 TMF Nesher (IDF) Upgrade/Remod Pack

    Happy birthday and thank you for a really wonderful gift - for us!
  8. A-6A Early Intruder

    Great job, looking forward to more Intruders!
  9. SF2 TMF Mirage IIICJ (IDF) Upgrade/Remod Pack

    Suddenly everything is fine, how and why, I don't know. Beautiful work, including the awesome cockpit! I just don't know what the surface under the nose is supposed to be on the Mirage IIICJ(2), see the second picture. I've never noticed her in photos of real planes.
  10. SF2 TMF Mirage IIICJ (IDF) Upgrade/Remod Pack

    My antivirus keeps deleting this file. Is the error in my PC or somewhere else?
  11. NovaLogic Terrains

    Excellent, great! For example, it's amazing to do gun dogfights between the rocks, especially in bad weather. Or, on the contrary, to enjoy a free flight in nice weather. I'm having a lot of fun!
  12. Incoming Weapon Custom View

    Very useful! Bravo!
  13. Mirage F1CR standard F5/6

    Great job, thank you!
  14. Je to přesně jak píše kolega Menrva. Také jsem narazil na tento problém, nechal jsem své soubory přesunout ze základního umístění (tj. C/Program Files (x86)/Thirdwire ....) a instalace se nezdařila. Poté, co jsem přeinstaloval základní složky (SF2, SF2I, SF2E) v adresáři C/ .... proběhla instalace bez problémů. Ještě jednou děkuji všem, kteří přispěli k tomuto úžasnému modu!
  15. Amazing work, and a wonderful New Year's gift! I look forward to!

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