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  1. So, you can buy a GPS upgrade to the MI 8 and L 39. Pretty cool right? NO! It costs $14.99 AND because of it's develpment has probably set back other modules too. Please for god's sake don't pay so much for something that is so redundant in the game. Sure F10 breaks the immersion somewhat, but at least you aren't enabling ED and freinds to put off development of proper modules and 2.5. Here's the ED's webapage on it; https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/products/other/ns430/
  2. So, if you've been on the sim today, you'll notice that there was an update. What you may not know is that the Huey has her gunners and cargo carring capabilities back! This was the first time since I bought it that I could actually do something useful with it. It's bloody amazing!
  3. They have said they will be working on the HAWK and P40F, but they aren't developing anything else specifically for DCS. However, it seems they are interested in releasing further products down the line for DCS after they are launched on other platforms. They still have their Typhoon stuff on the website but I don't think the site has been touched by them since that update. But I'd guess that they'd continue their work on that. Source: http://veaosimulations.co.uk/veao-news/
  4. F-4E AUP

  5. No, sounds like ED or whoever is doing the rest is/ has done the research, sounds, and support. I'm not sure which set of tasks is harder but ED is doing a lot for a dev that is working on three other planes. Though, the P47 must be in the primary stages of production. While the F/A is in bug testing and avionics work. So that leaves the modeling team etc. sitting on their hands.
  6. Damn. And there's me thinking we were gonna have an actual HUD. This conversion error you speak of, seems like it would have eventually been fixed shortly after discovery right? ...Right?
  7. Never knew the US operated the Phantom with something other than the fucking god awful gun sight. That would be cool if we get that too.

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