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  1. Heinkel He-111E

  2. What a great mod! Thank you to all involved :) you're the best!
  3. Thanks for the replies, that's some info i didn't know regarding speed :) I´ve placed the stock ini file again to try again with higher ceiling but it went down to the original speed. stock - ceiling=13900 modded - celling=23900 But if it changed in anyway, yeah wouldn't be realistic.
  4. Hello, I was trying to mod the Yak-25 Flashlight A regarding it's speed that it only reached 850 Kms per hour. My objective is that it reaches 1015 Kms/h as max. speed. The original YAK-25_DATA FlightControl: StallSpeed=51.68 CruiseSpeed=182.57 ClimbSpeed=173.96 CornerSpeed=89.51 MaxG=4.66 MaxSpeedSL=222.22 MachLimit=0.85 PitchDamper=0.8 RollDamper=0.6 YawDamper=0.2 GunBoresightAngle=-2 Now what i´ve tried to change so far with maybe excessive values but without sucess also in the FlightControl: StallSpeed=51.68 //CruiseSpeed=182.57 CruiseSpeed=500.0 //ClimbSpeed=173.96 ClimbSpeed=500.0 CornerSpeed=89.51 MaxG=4.66 //MaxSpeedSL=222.22 MaxSpeedSL=500.0 //MachLimit=0.85 MachLimit=0.95 PitchDamper=0.8 RollDamper=0.6 YawDamper=0.2 GunBoresightAngle=-2 Only 987 Km/h is what it allows. Is there anywhere in the Data file or maybe other file that i should change some values? Best Regards

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