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  1. Okay this F-18 Virtual Cockpit is awesome.

    Is that not just DCS in VR? I don't think they made anything other than attaching a joystick to a desk. Wizard
  2. strange icon sometimes appears on my desktop

    His OS is Win7 so the Win10 references probably aren't relevant. Wizard
  3. strange icon sometimes appears on my desktop

    When this Window or whatever it is, is active, open Task Manager and see if there are any Task or Apps that give any clue as to what it is. Wizard
  4. Best F/a-18 Sim that isnt DCS?

    What kind of peripherals do you intend to use with these games? Hotas and rudder pedals or simple twist handle joystick? Do you use Track-IR? What OS do you plan to install and run it under? Wizard
  5. Not sure if you are having the same issue I had but... in Options, do you have radar set to Easy? By the way, what is NF5? Wizard
  6. Thank you both for the replies. The issue was indeed that radar difficulty was set to Easy. I switched to Normal and the correct screens are back in my cockpit. I'm so happy that worked. I was hoping to avoid changing around avionics files. Thanks Wizard
  7. Hello. I installed SF2 by buying the Complete Collection so I guess that is the same as a fully merged install? I created a mod version of that install and added a small number of planes I downloaded here. They are some training aircraft like the T-33, T-6, T-6II and a Hawk. I also added some speech mods to make wingmen, ATC and AWACs sound different. I noticed now that some newer aircraft from the modded game have older avionics. The cockpits in the modded game look like they have a radar and RWR from maybe an early F-4 or F-8? Even a newer F-4 that should have a more elaborate radar has this style radar and RWR showing in the modded game. Do you think this is a case that one of the addon aircraft I put in my modded game have overwritten some files related to the correct avionics. Thanks, Wizard
  8. Free military history ebooks at Osprey

    PM sent. Wizard
  9. Yes TIR5 on Win10 here also. I would probably give up all flight sims forever if I couldn't use TIR. Wizard
  10. That's great to hear. Thanks for doing that. Wizard
  11. Once again, you guys are awesome. Thanks for your contributions to the community. I'll sit tight and hope to fly in Mako Shark someday soon. Wizard
  12. I wish I understood what you folks are talking about. Is there anything a non-modder like myself can do to get the skins to show up in game? Thanks, Wizard
  13. Yes, the wing tanks are fine. I just realized I need to add them on the load out page. But I think have copied the skin files to the correct location. I can choose Mako Shark or Red Knights in the mission setup screen but they still appear in the game as the snowbirds skin. Thanks, Wizard
  14. Thanks for your work on these skins. I'm excited to fly the new planes. I've never installed just new skins and I'm having trouble getting them to work. I already had the original CT-133 but I downloaded and installed it in my mod folder to be safe. Then I copied/pasted the contents of the V2.0 zip file into Objects\Aircraft\CT-133 over writing existing files. Did I do that right? When I try to fly a mission and change my airplane, I see Mako Shark and two Red Knights as options but when I choose them, in the game I see, I think the Snowbirds skin without wingtip tanks. Sorry if this has been asked before. I tried searching for information on just installing skins but couldn't find anything to help me out. Thanks, Wizard
  15. I'll Just Post This Silliness Here.

    Glad you posted. Gave me a chuckle.

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