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  1. Does the texture HAVE to be segmented, as in specific ones for specific parts of the plane, or could I just use one texture? Because I have a UV map of the entire plane, I just want to make sure it'll be usable.
  2. Yup, that's what I ended up doing! Fiddled with it in Blender 2.79... And honestly, there's no texture to really apply, but hey! It's in! An F-119A Vanguard, untextured but still in for a fight nonetheless... I need to get the rest of the hardpoints configured for A variant, but I'm glad the LOD is at least in! I'll get all the localization and figure out the F-119A's total armaments in the meantime.
  3. Gotcha, I tried replacing the .LOD of one I exported to see if it would show up untextured. Looking at the ini. files it shows that there are LODs for specific distances, is there any way I could just use one LOD file for all of those distances? When I have the .LOD in the aircraft's folder, and have the .ini reference it, when I launch the game the aircraft itself shows up invisible, there's a material applied to the model itself so I don't think that would be any issue..
  4. No worries! I have the .lod and .out exported. There's no animations and not really any texture applied, it's just the bare model so I can test and make sure I'm able to understand and implement it into the game. Now how would I make an aircraft folder with this custom .lod and .out?
  5. Hi, thanks for the warm welcome! Where would I be able to get a copy of that exporter, and I'm also using Blender at the moment, UVs are being unwrapped and template textures are being attempted to be made in that. And yeah, it's pretty much a tri-service successor to the TFX Program, and subsequently replacing both the F-111 and the F-14 in their roles. It's a bit of a provocative and 'ugly' bird for sure, but I love it honestly. :) I know there's an LOD exporter for Blender..? I'm just essentially confused on the pipeline from how to go from external model, to animations and have it in-game to at least test its characteristics before completing the cockpit model and completing its textures.
  6. Right, it'd essentially be operating within the same time-frame pretty much, from the SEA Theatre's endgame to the onset of the Hornets. And yeah, I'll try and reach out to a couple of people, in the meantime I'll just wait obviously. I have four different models of this thing cooked up so I'm kinda excited to bring the entire F-119 family to bare on this.
  7. Yeahh, it is an interceptor in a similar vain to the F-14 serving with the USN.. For background its intended to be a tri-service fighter-bomber which sprouted from the TFX program. The design is a bit wacky but it would stow the Phoenixes internally, its a bit of an oddball but I enjoyed designing it. At this point I'm just trying to figure out how I can start getting it into Strike Fighters 2... there isn't really much or any documentation I could find on that process whatsoever, so I'm honestly kinda stuck in the water right now.
  8. It has an internal bay for those as well :) The shots I'm showing off don't show the bay open at all whatsoever. At most you'd probably put some AIM-9s on there, maybe some slick bombs or anything if you didn't have any other place to put it.
  9. My friend and I had a go at texturing, panel lines still need to be worked in all the way, but its definitely coming together!
  10. Hello! My name is Elchfisk and I am new to the COMBATACE forums in general, but I wanted to showcase something I designed and am in the process of working on. The Vought F-119 Vanguard, influenced by designs within the TFX (Tactical Fighter eXperimental) Program, which led to the development of the F-111, was considered to be a tri-service answer to the project. A high power, variable sweep fighter aircraft that would essentially replace the mud moving roles of the Aardvark, and the standoff interception capability of the Tomcat. I'm new to Strike Fighters 2 modding as a whole, and I would love for this to be the first project I undertake in that scene. Is there any documentation or anyone that could teach and assist me in how to mod in an entirely custom aircraft like this? I'll keep this thread full of work-in-progress photos in the meantime, but if any experienced modders could reach out to me, I'd really appreciate it. Before I go for now, here's another image of one of the several models, specifically the J79 equipped variant, showcasing the very unique wing setup, and variable sweep:

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