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  1. WP GPNVG/AVS-10 shader in SF2 (Morden NOD style)

    supereb work bro thanks alot please make a realistic flares and chaffs effects too ✌️😁
  2. Mirage 2000-5F 4K Skins Pack

    bro please make a realistic countermeassure flares mod i have tried all effects from this forum but never got what i expect 😢
  3. try 2011 graphics driver or turn on force dx9 and install skyrim antifreeze patch 8
  4. i fixed this issue with by removing antifreeze enbseries mod which was not a good idea bcoz it ruins graphics quality need to fix it in other ways bcoz it was not a needed fix
  5. same thing is happening to me when i use forcedx9=true after pressing esc button only sound comes out but screen goes black i have tested other versions of intel hd 3000 drivers but they didnt worked with this problem :( my system is : windows 7 64bit intel hd 3000 10gb ram i will appriciate if u help me to fix this issue
  6. Improved Chaff and Flare Effects

    i think the picture above is from flaming cliffs 2 😁 i have tried this mod last night no such effects displayed when pressed flare button even on unlimited effect settings like in the picture ! 😟
  7. well here is a quick fix of F-5F front seat view issue you have 4 cockpit files in F-5F aircraft folder F-5FFront_Cockpit F-5FFront_Data F-5FRear_Cockpit F-5FRear_Data all you have to do is to select all / copy everything from inside front cockpit and front Data and then paste it into Rear Cockpit and Rear Data by select all and erasing previous data in Rear Cockpit and Rear Data files thats it now you will fly from front cockpit seat Note: but then you cant switch to 2nd seat again , only if you extract original files again in your F-5F folder
  8. Quick Fix this happened with me on california and afghanistan terrian and i fixed it after deleting Terrian's environment ini file
  9. finaly i have fixed my Strike Fighters 2 graphics problem shimmering flickring and Blinking textures objects and screen by rolling back to march 2011 intel hd 3000 driver and increasing screen refresh rate to 64 instead of 60 on my hp elitebook 8460p now its working very fine on customized graphics setting high+medium
  10. Nanchang Q-5A/E/II SF-2 Repack

    missing textures 😭 there are empty spaces in the aircraft
  11. Dear Brother I Run IL-2 BAT Mod with Heavy Mods and Also Flaming Cliffs 2 with Mods Smoothly without a single issue but when ever i tried SF2 the game gives lagging jamming stuttering and graphics issues , even modded falcon 4 runs fine on my laptop but not SF2 with or without mods
  12. PAF F-16B Block 15

    nice skins , waiting for Mirage Skins For SF2 and IL-2 BAT

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