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  1. Fictional Mikoyan Ye-8 family

    i have ENVIROMENTSYSTEM.INI its not that its something else i think !
  2. Fictional Mikoyan Ye-8 family

    bro what clouds file is used in screenshots above ?
  3. i have hp intel hd 3000 4gb ram , all other heavy graphics games works perfect on my system even without forcing dx9 , like need for speed pro street , call of duty , F16 aggressor , IL 2 sturmovik with SAS mods , tom clancys hawx 2 , ace combat assault horizon & lockon modern air combat these are highend simulators then this old game and has no glitches on my system, no white and black patches broken blinks on objects and terrians and no laggings , but strike fighters 2 has all these faults so what does it means ? i only nonsense cure i found was forcing dx9 for this game that destroyed pixels and graphics quality , and it was looking like minecraft things i tried all other methods from this forum to fix this issue but nothing worked , so it means the simulator is not developed properly from developers and has build issues and bugs
  4. guys this simulator is build faulty , lagging , jamming , stuttering , slowing & graphics faults are build in this game , and almost each and every system faces issues
  5. im suffering stomach cancer , cant handle the pc
  6. its saying its not valid and not letting me do this task
  7. Cough, Then Please Suggest Me A Suitable Machine And Graphic Card which can all strike fighters 2 simulators properly without any glitch , Cough but suggest me in a laptop version bcoz i dont like desktop
  8. its core i5 , can u please suggest me a suitable driver ?
  9. Hey Brothers , Please Help Me Im tired with my game objects shuttering problem and white and black patches during gaming on strike fighters 2 i forced directx9 but graphics quality decreased im on hp elitebook 8460p intl hd 3000 graphics 4gb ram il2 sturmovik work well but strike fighters 2 has alot of shuttering flickring and lagging problem , i have tried everything mentioned here but problem still exists kindly guide me to fix it
  10. Strike Fighters 2 flickering issue is a forever cancer until thirdwire take notice of this problem for all type of devices users
  11. Good Mod , looking Forward For a Better and Proper Cockpit For Mig 21 & Mirage III & V
  12. F-2H Banshee (Razbam) Updated data pack

    Does Razbam Makes Airplanes For Strike FIghters Or DCS ??
  13. FT-2 pack

    very nice stuff brother , please upload a J-6 / Mig 19 with proper cockpit & missiles also

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