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  1. Falcon BMS 4.37 Update 2 released

    Falcon BMS 3.47 Version 2 is all over good , except F-15C cockpit !
  2. i dont know why Pakistan PAF stopped working on their combat proven Mirages ! its a beautiful aircraft
  3. SF2 weather and F-15 cockpit still better then falcon bms 4.37 !
  4. STRIKE FIGHTER 3 will earn more money then Mobile STRIKE FIGHTER MODERN COMBAT its not an era of arcade air war games , everyone is moving forward to simulators example carrier landing hd , armed air forces , gunship 3 sequal and now gunship 4 series ... if not strike fighters 3 for pc then atleast Strike fighters 3 combat simulator for mobile devices should be there ...
  5. just requesting to rise your voice for strike fighters 3 or atleast graphics engine update for Strike Fighters 2 series
  6. GUNSHIP IV (Mobile sim)

    phillip is trying to bring flaming cliffs 3 type simulator into mobiles
  7. hi brothers i lost my windows 10 service pack 2 on which i was running strike fighters 2 complete edition without any issues , i have recently updated this windows 10 pro Edition Windows 10 Pro Version 22H2 Installed on ‎7/‎18/‎2023 OS build 19045.2006 Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4180.0 i want to ask can i run SF2 on it ? bcoz when i installed Sf2 on it i got windows errors and my laptop started restarting frequently and stuck on system repaire , so i just removed and uninstalled SF2 alas , is there any fix or should i roll back to win10 SP 2 again or win7 ???? any realible suggestion will be apprciated @Menrva bro any suggstion !

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