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  1. hi bro my game graphics are too childish while this video shows some real effects and colourfull things , + my aircrafts are not so clear in pixels when i zoom out ,i have i have forced dx9 on and intel HD 3000 graphics laptop hp
  2. Unified Effects Pack cumulative update

    making black squares in aircraft exposion smoke
  3. SF2 F-4G(B) USN Pack

    please tell me it has guns or not ?
  4. SF2.PNG

  5. MiG-19S,SV,R,Field Mod FARMER

    cockpit moves when i move joystick updown and left right !!
  6. J-7 Series Fighters

    brother there are no guns in these j7 jets , while in our country j7 actualy has 2 guns
  7. Mig-21 Complete Pack 1.3 for SF1 line

    dude i lost my game bcoz of this file, when i installed them in jets folder and openend the game selected mig 21 for a single mission after loading the game stopped and the screen was showing flight simulator has stopped working plus my laptop freezed and hanged , i removed the battery and restarted the windows then uninstalled strike fighters project 1 , so thats how i lost the whole game

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