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  1. Noticed another thing, from what I can gather, when you make a "custom" skin directory, you have to fly with the custom skin set before LODViewer will see it. I know this is probably all old news to y'all though.
  2. @mue I actually noticed that when I was fiddling around. Then I was able to view the F-4 above. Also made this! This is just a camo repaint of the F-100G mod because I thought a plane like this would be more suited for merc work. Progress!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I don't know how, but after downloading a skinpack for the F-4C, it LODViewer finally picked up my custom skin. It ain't much but it's something.
  4. Oh, that makes sense then. How do you view them in LODViewer then? It doesn't like it when you try to just use the .ini, or maybe you just can't view them at all. I hate to ask so many questions but I just don't know man!
  5. I do, I've used it once or twice for .ini editing, but not skin modding. Also it seems some .lods can't be extracted which is weird.
  6. Trust me, I've modded the hell out of the base game and even done some total conversion mods. What baffles me is modding base game aircraft because I am still not certain about how file structure works with those since everything is hidden away in those neat little .cat files. I find myself thinking do I extract this? where does it go after I extract it? will the file being in another place screw with the file structure and I'll have a vantablack F-4 forever? I pointed out the F-106 first as I thought I'd use a mod plane to gauge my skills and then move to fiddling with other things once I got more info, since all of everything is in plane (ehehe) sight.
  7. Would you do the same for base game aircraft as they are all mixed together in any random .CAT file? Like say just create a new folder in the same folder that has just the .ini in it since it doesn't have everything else there? Also, when I tried tinkering with an F-106 skin, I wanted it to have no decals or nation markings whatsoever, and yet for whatever reason it put Russian stars on it. I'm not sure what causes this.
  8. Fair enough. Now what about modding base planes? I know their data is in the .CAT files but I'm not sure about if there is a need for file structure retention or if I can just whip up a new skin folder in the plane directory and it just works. Observing how the mod plane directories are setup I would assume I'd need a textureset.ini and decals.ini along with the jpegs of the various parts of the plane but I'm ignorant as to what to configure these inis to
  9. Is GIMP really that much of a downgrade from photoshop? I am really not in the mood to spend $240 just for something I may or may not continue as well as have no experience with if you can understand.
  10. Hi all. I want to get into making my own skins for planes. In particular I just want to make like fantasy mercenary skins/decals/factions/nations etc. but I haven't the slightest on how to do this. My current project is to have an air superiority gray F-106 with just some basic black custom number decals and a custom mercenary emblem. Once I figure this out I would love to skin mod base game aircraft such as the F-4C but that is a whole other can of worms because the files aren't even stored in the same place as the .ini so I'm at a loss. Any help appreciated!
  11. The mod is great but I have one issue. For some reason when I fire the Infrared falcons, the trapeze is animated, but when I fire the radar guided ones, it just clips through the hull. Any way I can fix this?
  12. Of all things to be a DLC, I did not expect this. Thanks!
  13. Hello friends! Today I am having a conundrum, I am trying to find a specific Hawker Hunter that has 3 hardpoints ala these images: I know these are Omani hunter FR.10s but the mod thats on here for the FR.10 only has 2 hardpoints. I figure if someone could point me to one that has three, I could do some light skin swapping/INI editing and get the job done. Thanks!

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