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  1. RHAF SF2 WW2 Fieseler Fi 156 'Storch

    SF2 WW2 Fi-156 Storch RHAF
    Royal Hellenic Air Force  ( Greece)
    For SF2, Full-5 Merged (Reccomended/Preferred)
    This is a skin for the  Fi-156 Storch for sf 2
    The skin is for the Fi-156 Storch  in the end of the wwii in Royal Hellenic Air Force  ( Greece).
    One airplane was delivered by the British in 1946, probably captured during the retreat of the Germans 
    from Greece. 
    It brought the name “?a?da??? (Daedalus)» on the engine cover. 
    Limited data exist on its use by the Hellenic Air Force.
    Only 1 plane from 1946-.......until ...??? 
    Skin grey with num NK986   AND A NAME DAIDALUS ???????S.
    I  reccomend, unzip the "sf2_fi156_pak.zip" to a temp folder or your desktop 
    or somewhere else that's easy to find
    Then, simply, copy/paste the Objects folder supplied directly =OVER= your existing /Objects folder.
    Copy/Paste the supplied Sounds folder directly OVER your existing /Sounds folder
    You'll probably be asked "OVERWRITE?", just say Yes. 
    I've already seperated out the various folders (Aircraft, Decals, etc), so they'll drop right where 
    they're supposed to be.
    They will go a an extra skin folder in the WW2 Fi-156 Storch if you have it.
    Also i include a file with A Pilot in Blue ....RHAF..... 
    Raven for the aircraft
    Legal BS:
    This is freeware; it CAN be distrubuted if the original readmes and all other
     pieces of the package remain intact.
    The names of all contributors, modders, suppliers, etc =MUST= be listed in 
    any new readmes.
    This package may NOT in any way, shape or form be used in any payware additions. 



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  2. Belgian Hurricane Mk1

    Hurricane Mk1 - Belgium 1940
    This skin is for Ravens' Hurricane Mk1. Not much has been changed from the original template so most of the credit for this skin must go tho him.
    In an attempt to modernise their fighter force the Belgians ordered 20 Hurricanes and obtained a licence to build a further 80 of which only one (H42) was delivered to the air force.
    It seems only 11 Hurricanes were serviceable at the outbreak of hostilities. These were all based at Schaffen as part of 2/I/2 Ae (No. 2 Squadron of No. 1 Group of No. 2 Air Regiment). 8 Hurricanes were lost at Schaffen to the Luftwaffe attack on 10 May 1940.


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