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Kamchatka Peninsula v 1.0

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About This File

Kamchatka Peninsula


Summer Terrain




by Baltika


For Wings Over Europe October 2008 Patch



This is my first full-fledged terrain mod. It includes a base tileset by Deuces, together with Stary's forests and farms mod adapted for use on this terrain. I have also created a large number of additional transition tiles based on Deuce's tiles, which may be of interest to terrain builders.


The tile naming format is compatible with the stock GermanyCE tileset for ease of expansion, but be aware that the excellent hi-res and seasoned tilesets by Brain32 and Stary in particular will not have all the necessary transition tiles, so use them with caution. Should you wish to use the included transitioned tileset for your own terrain mods, copy all the terrain .bmp files and .tga files into the "Tileset" folder and convert the .tga tiles to .bmp format. See Gepard's excellent terrain tutorials in the KB at CA for more info.


All mission types are activated, for both red and blue side flyable. The Americans have their existing bases on the Aleutian Islands. I have handed the northern Kuril Islands to the Japanese for the sake of this scenario. Take it as read that the Soviets were sufficiently distracted by the ground war in central Europe that they lost their hold on the Kurils to Japan. Now, the Soviets are engaged in a fierce battle for control of the strategically important Kamchatka Peninsula.


This is a target-rich, fictionalised version of the Russian Far East. There are many installations and industrial zones in the Kamchatka Krai that you will not find in real life. Equally, as much real-life stuff as I could discover went into the mix. Also, this is intended as a showcase of a fully-transitioned tileset, so there is much more agriculture than you would get at these latitudes. Just kick back and enjoy the scenery.


Finally, there is a monstrous presence lurking at the heart of the Peninsula who has risen from aeons of deathless sleep to trouble the affairs of men once more. Bragging rights to the first person to take a recon photo of this horror and make it back to base alive, and with their sanity intact ;-)






Simply unzip and drop the "KAMCHATKA" folder into your Wings over Europe/Terrain folder.


It is highly recommended that you install the files listed below or you will not get the full intended Kamchatka Krai experience.








CVN-75 by Digital Overload



TAKR Orjol by Gepard



TAKR Admiral Gorshkov by X-RAY



UdaloyI by China Insky Team



UdaloyII by China Insky Team



BRDM_SA-9 by rebelryder



SA-11 & SA-17 by 101tfs



ScudLauncher & Missile by bigal1



Soviet SAMs by gabilon







Core tileset by Deuces. Additional transition tiles by Baltika.


Forests and Farms mod by Stary, extended to cover additional tiles.


Doppler Radar Dome by grumpapotamus

I have modded this as a terrain object rather than a separate ground object. The original readme file is included. Thanks grumpapotamus ;-)


WW2 Subpens from WW2 Europe Terrain by Edward et al, modded for Soviet use.

Thanks to the original creator.



Special thanks to Gepard for his TE tutorials, without which this mod would not exist.


Thanks also to The Wrench for leading the way in terrain target placement - the hard way!




As ever, feedback, comments, bug-reports and general griping are most welcome.






February 2010

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