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[Fictional] Hawker Hunter FR.13 RAF Fighter-Recce

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About This File

Hawker Hunter FR.13 for STRIKE FIGHTERS 2


This is a very simple mod of the stock Third Wire Hawker Hunter FGA.9 to give a fictional Hawker Hunter FR.13 fighter-reconnaissance aircraft as it might have appeared in service with the Royal Air Force during the 1960's to early 1970's period. Of course during this time the RAF did operate the FR.10 in the fighter-reconnaissance role but I'm unable to replicate the nose camera (with eyelids) and the side cameras so this FR.13 just has side cameras reproduced using a simple 'camera port' decal.


Anyway, 'what if' markings are included for;


No.2 Squadron in standard RAF Camo.


No.79 Squadron in standard RAF Camo.


No.208 Squadron in 'PRU Blue' (as requested by Stratos).


All three squadrons use 'classic' three-colour RAF markings but you can change to 1970's style 'B-Type' tactical markings by using suitable decals from my RAF Decal Pack.





1. From the AIRCRAFT folder drag and drop the HUNTER_FR13 folder into your Aircraft folder.


2. From the DECALS folder sprinkle the contents into your main Decals folder.


Do not just move the folder! You must empty the contents in.


Important! If you do not have SF2 EP2 then you should delete the HUNTER_FR13_DATA.INI and then rename xHUNTER_FR13_DATA.INI (the old data.ini) as HUNTER_FR13_DATA.INI.


Reason: Something has changed in SF2 EP2 and pointing to the revised LOD but using the old data.ini causes holes to appear in the wing main wheel well area and for the RP-3 racks to appear all of the time.





As always, big thanks to TK for the continuous improvement of a great little game/sim.


Special thanks to ndicki for his superb Hunter templates used for the 'PRU Blue skin' - they were a joy to work with and encouraged me to at least do some templates for both types of drop tank so that the 'PRU Blue' Hunter also has PRU Blue tanks.


And, finally, thanks to everyone in the wider Third Wire community.






Version 2 - 17/12/10



Version 1 - 29/10/10






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