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Republic F-103A Thunderwarrior

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Republic F-103A Thunderwarrior by FastCargo


********************** Version 1.0 (Initial Release) ***********************


SF2 Version for Jan 2011 Patch and later.


Aircraft Model - FastCargo

Aircraft Textures/Templates - EricJ

Decals - Wrench

F-106 Cockpit - Kesselbut from Pasko F-106 package

Some textures and FM work - FastCargo

Weapons - Bunyap, adapted for SF2 by 331KillerBee


Any errors are mine...



Information on XF-103:




The Republic XF-103 Thunderwarrior was an American project to develop a high speed interceptor aircraft to destroy Soviet bombers. Despite a prolonged development, it never progressed past the mock-up stage.


In 1949, the USAF issued a request for an advanced supersonic interceptor to equip the Air Defense Command. Known formally as Weapon System WS-201A, but better known informally as the "1954 Interceptor", it called for a supersonic aircraft with all-weather capability, intercept radar and air-to-air missile armament. Republic was one of six companies to submit proposals. On 2 July 1951, three of the designs were selected for further development, Convair's scaled-up XF-92 that evolved into the F-102 Delta Dagger, a Lockheed design that led to the F-104 Starfighter, and Republic's AP-57. AP-57 was an advanced concept to be built almost entirely of titanium and capable of Mach 3 at altitudes of at least 60,000 ft (24,400 m).


A full-scale mock-up of the AP-57 was built and inspected in March 1953. A contract for three prototypes followed in June 1954. Work on the prototypes was delayed by continued problems with the titanium construction, and more notably by continued problems with the proposed Wright J67 engine. The contract was later reduced to a single prototype. In the end, the J67 never entered production and the aircraft it had been chosen for were forced to turn to other engine designs, or were cancelled outright. Republic suggested replacing the J67 with the Wright J65, a much less powerful engine. The project was eventually cancelled on 21 August 1957 with no flying prototypes ever being completed.


The design was given a brief reprieve as part of the Long-Range Interceptor - Experimental (LRI-X) project that led to the XF-108 Rapier. Part of this project was the development of the advanced Hughes AN/ASG-18 pulse-doppler radar and the GAR-9 missile. Republic proposed adapting the F-103 as a testbed for these systems, although it wouldn't be able to come close to meeting the range requirements of LRI-X. Some work was carried out adapting the mockup to house the 40 inch antenna, which required the nose section to be scaled up considerably. Nothing ever came of the proposal, and testing of the ASG-18/GAR-9 was carried out on a modified B-58 Hustler instead.



Information on F-103A (this release):


This aircraft is based on heavily on the mockup at the time of cancellation, with 6 of the smaller AIM-4 Falcons and 36 FFAR rockets.


Performance is based on reasonable speculations and closely matches what was in the offical USAF proposed Standard Aircraft Characteristics document.


Some specific things to note include -


This is a point interceptor...designed to give you enough gas for maybe two passes at bomber type targets. It is recommended to be between 250 and 500 knots indicated for your attacks, as your FFARs and AIM-4s will tend to aim exactly at what the nose is pointing at within those speeds (this includes the AI).


To activate the front 'viewport', cycle through your radar modes...be advised while you are using the 'viewport', the radar will not work.


To extend the periscope on the external model, use the 'Arresting Hook' key.


The front missile bays are automatic, the rear missile bays/FFAR pods are manual...you must open them with the 'Bomb Bay' key before you can fire either the rear missiles or FFARs.


This model uses the newest ThirdWire exporter, and as such, the LOD files (except for the lowest 2) are not compatible with any version of the sim older than Jan 2011 (Exp 2 with the Jan 2011 patch). You have been warned...


This will be a difficult aircraft to fly and be successful on a regular basis in 'Hard' mode. If you want an air-to-air challenge, this aircraft will give you one.


Good luck and report any 'serious' issues (ie game crashing or grevious errors) to me at CombatAce.




12 Feb 11

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