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WW2 "generic, stand-in" cockpits pack 1.1

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About This File

This pack contains 8 "generic" World War 2 era cockpits for use in WW2 installs.


Tested in Series2 ONLY, no idea about Gen1 compatibility!!! You have been warned!!!




"Generic" means these cockpits are somewhat similar to various real life ones, and are meant as replacement ones for aircrafts that by default have no custom, specific cockpits of their own. Rivet counters and/or WW2 experts please note that thesse cockpits do NOT represent any specific real-life models/variants, so if you seek for ultimate realism in modelling this pack is NOT for you.


These cockpits are as follows, with the planes I use them as a guide:


EARLY_WW2_COCKPIT_1 -for MartletII, Martlet III

EARLY_WW2_COCKPIT_2 -for Macchi202 and other, italian gauges

EARLY_WW2_COCKPIT_3 -british fighters

EARLY_WW2_COCKPIT_4 -FiatG50, open cockpit with italian gauges


MID_WW2_COCKPIT2 -generic, light fighter

MID_WW2_COCKPIT3 -P-39D, maaaybe some soviet fighter..?


Late_WW2_COCKPIT1 -P-47D, heavy ground attack aircraft, single engine bombers

LATE_WW2_COCKPIT2 -like above but with bubble canopy, for late models of Jug, other heavy fighters

What's New in Version 1.1


  • updated file format with standard 7zip compression due to users having problems extracting files, also no sub-packed .zip files anymore to make sure things work ok

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Nice bit of work that really plugs a gap! Recommended.


Thanks, Stary!

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Thank you for this brilliant addition Stary. Very useful, easy to install and of a really high quality. I especially like some of the early and mid war cockpits. Have you considered doing something similar for the early jets?

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