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SF2 Pakistan Viper Skin Pack

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About This File

SF2 Pakistan Viper Skin Pack




This is for SF2 Full Merge Installed updated to August 2011 patch.


The file contain the "skin" files of the following squadrons:




9th MLU

9th SQ

11th MLU

11th SQ



TEF (Test and Evaluation Flight, same as OT&E in the USA)




9th MLU

9th SQ

11th MLU

11th SQ

PAK (MLU test aircraft)




I name my aircraft as stated above. You need to go to the decal.ini and change the name to fit your own aircraft, otherwise the skin decals will not show up.


I tried to add the F16-005.bmp but I think the aircraft .LOD does not read it so I deleted it. The F-16A/B_Blk15 is still the old one. The new aircraft when MF decided to upload will read the F16-005, but only in .DDS file format.




Additional Credits:


Migbuster for his great viper templates.



If I missed anyone it is not intentional and you will be credited :)







06 September, 2011











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