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Tornado GR1/GR4 for SF2 3.0

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About This File

Tornado Gr1 and Gr4 for SF2 by Sundowner via AD.


Hanger screens by Sundowner and Dave
Various ini edits by Dave, Wrench, The and Sundowner
Skins by Sundowner


New weapon edits....by dtmdragon and IanH!!!! Thanks fellas.... Ian really busted his butt off in this so most of the credit goes to him.


Included are the updated files for AD & Sundowners Tornado GR1 & GR4 series. Copy and paste these 3 folders into your Mod folder (usually C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Europe\) to update both the Aircraft and the new Weapons.


This has been designed to work on everything from a Stock Game (Sept '11 patched) to a fully Modded install with NATO Fighters IV etc. The new weapons are standalone and will not affect other weapons packs, however you may see other weapons from your pack are available. Please use the ones labelled "RAF (WEAPONS NAME)" (they're all grouped together for ease of use) as these have all been designed and/or modified for this Tornado Pack specifically, even though the Weapons may seem to be identical to ones you already have.




Aircraft Specific Info (in-game, not accurate to real life timeline) -




GR1_82 (1982-1989) - Carrys Unguided 1000lb Slick/Retarded Bombs, BL-755 Cluster Bombs, JP233 & ALARM.


GR1_90 (1990-1997) - The LGB years when the TIALD Laser Pod came into service which allowed it to carry 1000lb GBU-123 LGB's.


GR1DS_90 Desert Storm (1990-1991) - Year limited for Op Granby (Desert Storm) only. It can carry the same weapons fit as the GR1_90 above.


GR4_98 (1998-2005) - A complete systems overhaul of the GR1_90. Although massively upgraded from a GR1 due the RAF's lack of Hi-Tech weaponary this kept virtually the same weapons fit until 2002 when the RAF purchased their 1st truely Smart Weapons, the 1000lb Enhanced Laser/GPS Guided Paveway II and the Bunker Busting 2000lb Enhanced Laser/GPS Guided Paveway III.


GR4_06 (2006-2020) - 2006 saw the RAF finally get the advanced set of weapons they needed which included new Litening III Designation pods, 500lb Enhanced Laser/GPS Guided Paveway IV, Laser & IIR Brimstone Anti-Tank Missiles, Storm Shadow Cruise Missiles, ASRAAM and the RAPTOR recon pod. Due to their higher collateral damage risk the larger Paveway III was phased out for the the new Super Weapon the Storm Shadow, a Stealthy 500+ mile ranged Cruise Missile. This weapons update makes it the most advanced combat load currently carried by any aircraft in the world.




GR1_93 RSAF (1993-2005) - The Royal Saudi Air Forces version of the standard GR1_90.


GR1_06 RSAF (2006-2020) - A modernisation program in 2006 brought their GR1_93's to a GR4-Lite standard. It can carry IIR Brimstone (but not Laser) and Storm Shadow but none of the other advanced weapons/pods that a standard GR4 can carry.






Loadout Screen -


GR1 & GR1 Desert Storm - The Top loadout box shows empty but it's the fuel and ECM pods, DO NOT TOUCH! Also it shows 4x ALARM fitted but it's actually 2x ALARM and 2x AIM-9.


GR4/RSAF - The Top loadout box shows empty but it's the fuel, AIM-9/ASRAAM, ALARM and ECM pods, DO NOT TOUCH!


Issues -


1. Because the Tornado carrys all of it's offensive weapons underneath please view the 3 loadout pictures included to understand which drop-down menu is used for each type of weapon.


2. The ALARM Missile model comes with it's own launch rail built-in. I've tried to hide it in the Aircraft models ALARM Launch Rail but a tiny part is still visable, sorry.


3. The RAF's Enhanced Paveway III model is incorrect. I had to use a GBU-27 model as the current GBU-24 model (around which the RAF EnPW3 is based) is sized incorrectly.


If you find anything broken, strange, doesn't look right or even if you're a Tornado buff and spot that somethings in the wrong place please let me know on the CombatAce SF2 forums.


Hope you have fun with this.........................................Cheers!

What's New in Version 3.0


  • Completed Revamped Package
  • Do not mess with the loadouts....

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