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Operation Formosa Freedom 1.1

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Operation Formosa Freedom

By JonathanRL


Year: 1959

Flyable Services: US Air Force, US Navy, Republic of China Air Force

Carrier Operations: Yes

Naval Combat: Yes

Ground War Scale: Medium

Cheese / Ham Sandwich Included: No


Hey, Paulopanz. This one is for you. Consider it a Thank-You for all you done for TSF !



September, 1959


The Peoples Republic of China increases their rethoric against their wayward province Taiwan, on the Island of Formosa. For the purpose of "peace and order"

in the region, they demand that Formosa shall surrender its independence. Meanwhile, both US and Taiwan intelligence services declare the probability of actual invasion to be low.


Intimidated by the massive bomber armada of the PRC, the Goverment of Taiwan requests US Aid who comes swiftly in the shape of several Interceptor Squadrons.

Two Carrier Groups in the Pacific are also ordered to converge on Formosa; bolstering the strike capacity of the Island.


The worst fear of the Taiwanese people is confirmed as Amphibious Regiments are spotted outside the coast of the outer islands. This will be one of the fierest ground, air and naval war in history.


Will Formosa fall before US Marines arrive to relive the defenders?




Strike Fighters 2 Europe

Strike Fighters 2 Vietnam




Expansion Pack 1


First of all, make sure you are using the required packages merged and that it is patched to the latest version. This is _vital_.

Check http://www.thirdwire.com if you are unsure what the latest patch is, but the game should notify you if there is new patches out.


If you are using a mod, or plan to use one, This mod will mess around with settings other mods may be using. As such, creating a seperate mod folder for Formosa is

a good idea. If you only plan to use Formosa on your main installation, then this step can be bypassed.


Go to your installation folder (Usually C:\Program Files\Thirdwire\Strike Fighters 2). Make a copy of Strike Fighters 2.exe / Strike Fighters 2 Europe.exe

depending on what you prefer and got installed. Name the Copy Strike Fighters 2 Formosa.exe . Start your new .exe once, then close the game.


Now go to your Mod Folders. For Windows 7/Vista, this is located in C:\Users\Name\Saved Games\Thirdwire. For Windows XP Users, it is usually in My Documents.

Unzip the contents of the 7zip file "Formosa" into the mod folder of your choice. Allow any overwrites.


If you own Expansion Pack 1, unzip the file "Optimal" into the same Mod Folder to install correct skins for the J-2.




(Yes, I take requests. Just make them reasonable...)





Formosa Terrain by Gepard

Formosa Terrain Improvements by Wrench & Stary





RussoUk for this fine addition - it really holds up superbly in SF2;

JSF_Aggie for 2 of the USAF skins;

Stephan s for the AMi skin, in particular the Devil tail badge decal;

TMF for the F-84 Triple Rocket Rack (also available in the GunnyPak)

???? for the F84G engine sound wav -- paulo? carlo??? don't remember!!!

Me, for all the ini work, the other 2 skins new decals & positioning, and assembling the package

TK, of course, for the whole series



Cockpit and Adjustments by Dels



3W for the Skyraider

Dels for his SUPERB cockpit

TMF for the flaps and gear sounds

Timmy? for the AN/APS-4 pod (iirc!!)

Me, for all the reworking and assembling the package



Cockpit by ajunaidr.



Aircraft & Weapons by ChampionsVA56



Aircraft/Weapons by Julhelm



Fleet-Defender, BPAO (Oli, we miss you!), Crab_02, Marcello, Column5

Sony Tuckson

Me for some of the decals and other stuff like that there

TK for the whole series!



Updated ini's by MJ and starfighter.

Skin by Paulopanz

Assembly and other adjustments by usafmtl



Airplane and skin by Starfighter2

Help by Zur, USAFMTL, Crab and Heck Mitchell,Pappy, Ravenclaw_007

Skins by Paulopanz



Skins by Paulopanz


F-101 A/B/C Voodoo:

Dave, Column5, Spillone104, NGHENGO, Bobrock, Candair, triplethr3at & jimmybib



Original F-104A: Ajunaidr

Added 3D parts and Fuel Tanks: Spillone104

Textures : Spillone104 and Paulopanz

Decals : USAFMTL (Dave) and Paulopanz

Fake pilot mod: FastCargo

INIs : Spillone104

Effects : Spillone104

Sounds : Spillone104



Aircraft by Pasko & Team



Skins by Paulopanz

Cockpit by Stary



Aircraft by Pasko & suhsjake



Aircraft by Monty CZ, Wrench & LindR




Thanks to Eburger for assembling the Tank package, from where I got most of them.



Rebel Ryder


M3 Halftrack:



M8 Greyhound:












Atlanta Class:

YeYe, Modified by Wrench


Fletcher Class:

Grinch; Modified by Wrench.



Unified Effects Pack 1.1 by Stary

Ground Effects Collection by SF

Better Widesky for SF2 by Cellisky and Insky_orsin

Alternative Cloud layer 1.0 by SF

SARCASM 1.3 by Stary



If I forgot anybody, please send me a PM and I will correct this at once.

All files created by me is released under the terms of the Freeware License Agreement, any other files are subject to permission or other license from their respective owners.

What's New in Version 1.1


  • - J-5/H-5 should now appear as they should.
  • - Minor typos and bug fixes corrected.
  • - PLAAN Naval Strategy revised to account for the unexpected teleportation capacity of their ships.
  • - B 57B is now flyable; even in Campaigns.
  • - B 47E removed; replaced with B 52D. Any person who may or may not be the cause of this is now forbidden to enjoy the campaign.
  • - Improved skins for J-5, J-6, H-5, F-86F & F-100D, thanks Paulopanz.
  • - J-2 included as Optimal for Expansion Pack 1 users.

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