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Broken Wing (Multiplayer) 1.0a

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"Broken Wing"


Multiplayer Mission for DCS World A-10C + FC3 (optional) by Bahger. Uploaded with permission.


Two hours ago, a "black" SpecOps UH-60 ("BROKEN WING") crashed near the Russian border. A USMC combat engineer team, "ROADKILL", is en route to recover the helo but intel sources now indicate that the Russians are preparing to mount a raid across the border to steal the bird's classified avionics. ROADKILL has been re-tasked to push to the crash site at maximum speed and to use explosives to destroy the Blackhawk before the Russians get to it. Your task is to protect ROADKILL and to respond to the Russian incursion with decisive force.






Enemy forces:


Likely enemy disposition:




A task force consisting of a platoon-sized armored recon element and a reinforced platoon-sized assault force.


Both enemy armor formations will deploy with attached mobile Shilka (SA-9) air defense units.


Air (CAP):


2x MiG-23MLD "Floggers".


Friendly forces:


ROADKILL is a combat engineer team consisting of 4x LAV-25s and 2x HMMWVs with attached support from 2x Stryker ATGMs.




2x F-15Cs"UZI" are about to push from Senaki-Kolkhi to fly CAP.




2x A-10Cs ("SPRINGFIELD") are about to push from Sukhumi-Babushara to provide CAS to ROADKILL, to help secure the crash site and to interdict all enemy units meaneuvering south of the border.


2x A-10Cs (DODGE) are holding south of the AO and can be deployed as a striker flight.




OVERLORD is on station and transmitting on 255 VHF FM.




No dedicated SEAD/DEAD is available at this time. A-10C flights must perform SEAD/DEAD against local air defenses attached to enemy armor.




- Enemy:




We believe that the Russian Recon formation will push south-east through the town of LESELIDZE in order to form a bridgehead at the east end of the town to screen/block ROADKILL's only access point to the crash site from the south.




The enemy Assault group will either reinforce the recon units in LESELIDZE or will divert to the east after crossing REDBRIDGE, approaching the crash site from high ground to the north-east, working with the recon group in Leselidze to attempt a "pincer" maneuver against the objective.




The AO will *not* be a permissive environment for Blue CAS as long as a threat exists from the MiG-23 CAP and from SA-9 units embedded with Red ground forces.


- Friendly:




Blue F-15s will deploy to intercept Red CAP south of the border and to secure the AO for safe operation of CAS in zone. UZI will fly CAP in zone until the crash site has been secured and the UH-60 destroyed.




Both CAS flights have flightplan holds and should hold or push at the discretion of flight leads according to their assessment of remaining threats from the Red CAP.


OVERLORD will provide SITREPs to update CAS flights re. UZI's arrival in the AO and elimination of the enemy CAP threat ("GRAND SLAM")


Operational references:


The following Mission Steerpoints are available to all CAS flights:


BLUEBRIDGE: This bridge is ROADKILL's only possible approach point to the crash site from the south/east and is therefore a chokepoint.


REDBRIDGE: This bridge is the likely border crossing point for enemy ground forces and is therefore a chokepoint.


LESELIDZE COASTAL ROAD: This steerpoint marks the coastal road likely to be taken by enemy ground forces approaching BLUEBRIDGE.


BROKEN WING: This steerpoint marks the exact location of the crashed helo.




All elements will use 255 VHF FM for tactical comms.




All Russian military vehicles and personnel south of the border will be violating Georgian territorial sovreignty. Allied units are authorised to attack any such unit, pre-emptively if necessary.


iii. Victory Conditions:


All victory conditions will be calculated when ROADKILL has remounted and extracted from BROKEN WING across BLUEBRIDGE, so CAS flights should take care to cover this movement to prevent any further attacks on the group by remaining enemy units.


Players will be notified of their level of success in this mission when ROADKILL's extraction is complete, as follows:




Blue will win a Total Victory when:


- The downed helo is destroyed and ROADKILL has sustained no casualties.




Blue will win a Victory when:


- The downed helo is destroyed and ROADKILL has sustained less than 25% casualties.




Blue will lose the mission when:


- The downed helo is destroyed and ROADKILL has sustained more than 50% casualties.




- ROADKILL has been wiped out.



IV. Mission Editor's notes:


This mission is flyable in one of three roles, assuming the player has DCS World with both FC3 and A-10C modules installed. Two of these roles will spawn as AI flights with identical tasking if the player does not choose to fly them



F-15C CAP and A-10C CAS.


The following secondary flight is also available to the player:


A-10C Strike ("Dodge")


This flight is equipped for an LGB stand-off strike to destroy REDBRIDGE if the situation allows. If this flight is chosen, the primary AI CAS and CAP flights will still spawn. There is no AI substitution for this flight if it is not chosen by the player.


If the player wishes to see the mission play out with both CAS and CAP roles taken by AI, or to "pinch hit" in an undefined role, he should choose to fly as the A-10C squadron c/o ("Ford"), a two-ship on alert at Kobuleti.


Big thanks to:


Bruce P for custom radio comms (ROADKILL).


Don H (Home Fries) for custom radio comms (OVERLORD), playtesting, refinement of triggers and wise counsel re. programming logic.

What's New in Version 1.0a


  • Adjusted "End Mission" trigger zone to fix a rare broken victory condition.

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