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F-20A/F-20B Tigershark ReMod Pak 1.9

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F-20A/F-20B Tigershark ReMod Pak


=For SF2, Any and All (but Full 4/5 Merged RECCOMENDED!!)


- A "What If..." Aircraft Mod -


*Full 4/5 Merged reccomended, as the RAF skin make use of the stock 3W F-4M serial number and plane-in-group letters. You =MUST= have, at least, SF2:E as part of you game installs. If not, you'll have to find substitute decals for the RAF skins*


This is a re-release of Veltro2k's F-20 Tigersharks. This pak contains 2 complete aircraft, the single-seat F-20A and the 2-seat F-20B. Both are fully combat capable, however certain mission tasking is NOT assigned to the F-20B, due to hardpoint limitations, and the lack of an internal ECM suite (no jammer; chaff & flares included at no extra cost).


Skin/Decals included in this pack are (names in paranthesis are the actual folder names):



2 Tone Blue/Gray (2Tone - nation tagged as 'generic' -would be a good HAF skin!)

Air Superiority Gray (Gray - nation tagged as 'generic')

10th TFS, 50th TFW (Gray2)

1 Hikotai, JASDF Martime Blue (JASDF)

57th FW, Nellis AFB (Nellis)


92 Sqdn, RAF overall Gray (RAF)

92 Sqdn, RAF Grey Green (RAF1)

92 Sqdn, RAF Grey Green 2 (RAF2) -loviz markings


ROCAF Gray -no squadron- (ROCAF)

RSAF - Saudi Arabia (RSAF)

110th FS, 131st FW, MO ANG "Lindberg's Own" (MOANG)

114th FS, 173rd FW OR ANG (ORANG)

119th FW, ND ANG "Happy Hooligans" (NDANG)


Football City Air Force (FBCAF -from "The Wingman" series)



57th FW, Nellis AFB (Gray)

56th FW, Luke AFB 2 Tone (USAF)


Decal randomization is set to TRUE for all. Skin templates for BOTH aircraft are included, as are several decal templates. Skinners/decalers are ENCOURAGED! to create other users/markings/etc. Damage textures are in DDS format.

Unfortunately, the archived zip file for the original skin/ini mods was corrupted, and I was unable to retreive all the information from it about them.


When 'in game', you'll see


F-20A TigerShark (v2k)


F-20B TigerShark (v2k)


displayed on the aircraft selection drop-down window. This will differentiate these aircraft from any other Tigersharks that may exist.


No weapons are included, as it references (for the most part) stock items or those from the GunnyPak, or other aircraft mods (in particular, the JASDF EO bomb), but sounds are. The spine antenna & intake "thingy" created by Raven is included, along with the FakePilot needed to "attach" it to the F-20A.

The loadout ini makes use of nation-specific and start-year specific loadouts. Some even actually work as advertised. The included Userlists are correct; the countries listed were those that actually considered the Tigershark at one time.

The canopy operates via the Standard Animation Keystroke, Shift/0. The FM remains essentially the same, and REALLY needs MAJOR fine tuning by an Expert! (no, seriously! it can be a bit squirrelly at times)


This is a VERY large package (771 MG unzipped), as all the skins remain in their 2048x2048 bmp format (approx 12megs per map!). You can, of course, convert to jpg at your leisure. It's sorta suggested, ya know!?, for those with limited HD space.

As always, fairly easy to follow, detailed install instructions are included. PLEASE read them!!! Also, the Legal Statement has been changed with regards to these aircraft.

For those that still have the original releases, you need not redownload this pak; you should have everything within it already. But if you want too ... feel free to do so! :). There HAVE been several changes in several of the inis you may wish to examine, and add.


**These aircraft herein are released in "AS IS" Condition. Any and all issues/problems that cannot be solved via ini edits will exist forever, as new models are unlikely to be created**.


Good Hunting, and Happy Landings!!


kevin stein


ps: the screenies are from the original release, and do not reflect the addition of the ADF blade antenna. Also, not all the included are displayed. The others are inside the zip.

What's New in Version 1.9   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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