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SF2 WW2 Douglas TBD-1 Devastator Tweeks Pak (DAT)

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About This File

SF2 WW2 Douglas TBD-1 Devastator Tweeks Pak (DAT)


For SF2, Full-5 Merged (RECCOMENDED!!!)


*Designed for use in a PTO-centric mods folder built =FROM= the SF2:NA exe. NA coding is required for some statements I've changed/added.*

**This mod will NOT work in 1stGen SF/Wo* game installs. Those that attempt to do so, do so at their own risk. No support is/will be available. The skins will most likely work in SF/Wo*, if they are converted BACK to bmp from DDS. This has not, and cannot be tested by me. You have been warned/advised**

Those users that cannot access the DAT downloads, you're advised to skip this, as it's of no use to you.


This is a semi-complete aircraft mod, consisting of mostly skins, decals, inis and various and sundry other needed bits and parts.

This package contains a rebuild of my skins for the Dev A-Team's Douglas TBD Devestator naval attack/torpedo bomber.

It is desinged to be used with their latest lod,


TBD1A-R1.lod (dated 9/21/2011, make sure you get the Gen2 version!!)


The skins have been partly redone to match the new mapping, and are in DDS format.

Included are several modified inis, that correct/add/change some things. You are advised to BACKUP any/all originals. The Install instructions list which and what to delete or backup.


This package contains nearly 100% historical skins and decal markings for US Navy TBDs as seen at both the Battle of the Coral Sea, and The Battle of Midway; their hour of greatest Triumph and Tragedy. I say 'nearly' 100%, as I couldn't quite get some of the wear-and-tear and fabric effects on the skin exactly as they should be, or as I wanted. Also, the BuNums for the VT-2 skin are not 100% match to Modex. Colors have been FS matched, as best as possible, to BuAer spec.


The units depicted are...


Battle of the Coral Sea:




Battle of Midway:






Unfortnately, I was unable to accurately 'pin down' the modex-to-BuNms-to-crew for VT-2 at Coral Sea. (I HAVE the crew listings, but not the BuNums)

For the Midway Devestator squadrons, Modex and BuNums have been matched =EXACTLY= to their partiuclar aircraft, exactly as placed within each division of each squadron on each ship represented here. A number list for each squadron is included, with the crew names for each aircraft. Their names will show on the Loadout screen.

Decal randomization is TRUE for all skins (which it actually shouldn't be -- the Midway Devestator's numbers.lst has them in their historicaly correct order). New damage textures, in DDS format, are supplied, as is an 'new' engine sound from the AvHistory set.

NOTE: for VT-3, #s 13 & 14 were spare aircraft, that went down with YORKTOWN when she was sunk; research seems to indicate they did not participate in the Battle.

Each skin's paint chip is the historically correct Squadron Patch.

New 'box art' style Hangar Screens are included; The Loading screen artwork depicts Ens. George Gay's attack on AKAGI (the sole survivor of VT-8 whom I had to honor of meeting some years ago)

Included is the new Mk.13 torpedo by Veltro2K


As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. PLEASE read them!!! In fact, it would be better if one unzipped this archive FIRST, and read all the instructions BEFORE installing this mod. It will make things go easier.

All original DAT readmes are included, for historical and ownership/copyright purposes.


Good Luck, and Good Hunting!


kevin stein


ps: I wanted to get this out by June 4, the anniversery of the Battle of Midway. I had NO idea the DAT would be releasing their All-Inclusive PTO until last night. This in no way changed my plans; but may make it easier for you all to use this.

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