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Enhancement Pack for TW DLC 23 - F-4N Phantom II 1.0

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This is a mod to enhance the DLC F-4N. It includes data.ini's for smoky engines,

realistic weapons and drooping ailerons. It also features many skins that have been

touched up using Sundowners templates. Finally it has 100 historic BuNo's, and

several styles and colors for modexes. It covers a wide spread of N users without

becoming completely OCD.


Included are:


-3 F-4N aircraft (N, N_77, N_80) to help keep some order and smallness of file size. skins covered include USN/MC Grey, Overall Gloss

Gloss Gull Gray(circa 1980), Lo Viz Grey (1981) and TPS (1983). Ferris and Heater Ferris were not used for the most part on N models.

-my expanded squadronlist.ini. tho many units are stock in here, several will not show without this. Plus it's got room for anybody you

can think of and then some more.

-an expansive NavalF4 decal folder to cover all years after Vietnam (EXCEPT 1976). not all will be full right now, but

they will be filled up with some future planned mods.

-a Numbers folder with Buno's for the N, and several styles of Modex's

-smokier engine effects for the J-79s.

-J-79 engine sounds


REQUIRED: The TW F-4N Phantom II, DLC 23.



same as any other mod. unzip the file, paste into your mod folder, allow overwrites for old copies

of the smoke effects and the F-4N.ini.




First is a HUGE THANK YOU to mytai01. much of this work is based off of his model for decalling the F-4 Phantom.

Some of the nn tgas are even lifted off his B model skins and adjusted into N models BuNos. Those that have seen

his work will recognize much influence in this mod.


Thanks to Sundowner for his templates. With a Sundowner template, you have to work hard to screw up a skin!!!!!


As with all my Phantom mods, thank you to Spillone104 for his J-79 effects. I do like them so, and hope

you will as well.


thanks to JSF_Aggie for his drooping aileron edit for the data.ini. although TK fixed that in the July

2013 patch, i have not patched there yet and know that many still haven't. for the time being the mod

uses JSF_Aggie's work.


Thanks to Gerwin, Blade, Wrench, Dave, mppd, Ghost531 and many others who have given me answers and resources

to many technical questions the last year and a half I've been working this.


special thanks to Ghost531 and CrazyHorseB34 for getting me off my fourth point of contact when stalled

on this project


and as always thanks to TK who developed both the game and the particular DLC, then left enough work for

likes of me to fill in.





again thank you for downloading this mod and i hope that you enjoy it!


Kevin Unruh

aka daddyairplanes

20 August 2013

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