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SAAB JAS-39F Gripen (two seater) Version 4.1

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About This File

***This is an updated version of my original Gripen E release***





Next Generation/E/F: version in development with new engine (F414G), SELEX Galileo Raven ES-05 AESA radar, increased fuel capacity, higher payload, upgraded avionics and other improvements.





You cannot use this file in any payware payware project, under the "COMBATACE FREEWARE LICENSING POLICY".




Gux: Model

Column5: FM

Moonjumper and Jat: avionics

CadeteBRA: updates to Gux´s original Gripen A

Ianh755: tweaked almost everything I did to make it as good as it can be

Stipe (Me): skins, ini´s and converting to Gripen F

Spinners: RAF skin

AGOSTINO/Paulopanz: Brazil skin



1- unzip the file to a temporary folder

2- move those folders: "Flight", "Objects" and "Sounds" to your Mod folder

overwrite if asked

that's it


Special note:

On the weapon part of the plane´s DATA.INI I have made the plane able to carry Soviet and WP Weapons because of the Croatian and Indian skin.

here is why (this information has been given by some engineers at SAAB Aerospace)

:"Missiles like the Russian R73 and R77 have not yet been integrated but that wouldn't be a problem if that's what the customer wants"


Skins included:


1. Sweden

2. India

3. Brazil

4. Croatia

5. Switzerland

6. Britain (RAF desert)

7. SAAB Demonstrator


Special thanks to Ianh755 for helping me on this project!!


I hope you like it and have fun with it!


Kindest regards:



What's New in Version Version 4.1


  • Changes to the original:
  • New Skins for all 6 countries (+SAAB Demo)
  • New Decals for all skins
  • Tweaked Avionics.ini and Cockpit.ini for upgraded AESA radar and new RWR
  • Added new RWR.tga's to Cockpit folder
  • Added new RWR.lst to Cockpit folder
  • Tweaked Data.ini with new RWR/Radar, upgraded fuel tanks, new Countermeasures, upgraded weapons pylons for more/better/heavier weapons, removed "USN" from pylons
  • Tweaked Userlist.ini
  • Redone File structure
  • Redone Decals for SF2
  • Renamed all files JAS39F
  • Added new RWR.TGA's to Flight folder
  • 4.1: New Brazil skin from JonathanRLs Gripen C-B

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Try downloading it again, the Avionics, radar and cockpit are from the Gripen E and it worked fine there. (As in the gripen F)

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I have the other Gripens and they work fine but yes I deleted it and reloaded it but I have the same issue. I must be doing something wrong here.

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