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RC-135 mod Ver 1.5 for SF2


This is a third party add on of the RC-135 using Mirage Factory model. All credit to creator of original pack.
Mission equipment via fake pilot is made by me.
Skins are original from great Mirage Factory C-135A/B and KC-135A/E/R 1.0 pack. uploaded by Dave. -> http://combatace.com/files/file/12454-mirage-factory-c-135ab-and-kc-135aer/
I just repainted few things. Added bits here and there.
All decals Tail numbers and nose numbers are made by me.
The rest (national insigina etc) is from original pack.
Hangar and loading screens by Me.


It is designed for and works in the SF2 series of games.


This mod is only for CombatAce.
Any part of it can't be used in any comerical products.


Original ReadMe:


Mirage Factory C-135A/B and KC-135A/E/R for SF2.


Models by BPAO


Skins by Sundowner, Pappychksix, and ST0RM.


INI work by ST0RM


To install:


Install into your:
C:\Users\xxx\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 folder.


These are AI only. No pit included. Great for using in the mission editor.


To make flyable please follow these instructions:














Update by 76.IAP-Blackbird. All credits to him. He did great job on this.
He fixed airbrakes and put engine reverse thrust into specified models with TF33 / JT3D engines.


If you already have this pack. You can download just update data.ini of each aircraft. file Updated_Aircraft_Data_only.rar


Please copy data.ini file of aircraft model into specific folder in game mod folder.
Do not use Data.ini of on emodel on other. Even if file name is same.


RC-135U_70 got different data.ini file than model _80 or _90.
So you need to copy each aircraft data.ini file from each folder of this update into yours game folders.
Just keep this in mind to avoid mess with fake pilot RC mods.


Or you can download whole updated pack and overwrite yuor game files.


If you are downloading it for the first time. No need to download update. It has already updated ini files.


You need FakePilot mod to run this pack.


This is Beta version which means:


- I never finished avionics work. I was trying to do something but lack of time...and it will take me months. So ther is no specific avionics for every model. Just one generic. And it is not working. It really needs some avionics work.


- Skins could be better. I just simple deleted some lines here and there but I've never put so much attention to weathering etc.


- Cokpit is from B-52. Just for test flights. It is included. I don't remember who made this. All credit to him.


- All birds are set as Bobmer so they can fly high.


- For sure it needs some ini work.


- It need still some work. But only if i will find time. Better to upload it now than never. So for now it is realased as in condition.


Pack includes


RC-135C Big Team.
RC-135D Rivet Brass.
RC-135E Lisa Ann / Rivet Amber.
RC-135M Rivet Card.
RC-135S Rivet Ball. first S version under name Wanda Belle and later Rivet Ball.
RC-135S Cobra Ball early as in 1969
RC-135S Cobra Ball as in early eighties.
RC-135S Cobra Ball current version as rebuild in mid nineties.
RC-135U Combat Sent early version with 'Towel Rails' and first paint scheme
RC-135U Combat Sent still early version but with new paint scheme.
RC-135U COmbat Sent late version as modified in late eighties.
RC-135V Rivet Joint eary version of V model with LTV mission equipment
RC-135V Rivet Joint late rebuild with E-Systems humps.
RC-135W Rivet Joint
RC-135W Rivet Joint as above but with new engines.


All serial numbers are historicaly correct. Same as names.
All aircraft were names as code + number "Combat Sent II or Cobra Ball I etc.) I have no information about everything. Info about any of it would be great. Especialy about Rivet Card.


Since whole mod is made via fake pilot there are some limitations.
Biggest "no" for me is first S- Cobra Ball where 663 and 664 carried little different set of sensors.


Some aircrafts were upgraded later than other in same model group. So service date is generic as first aircraft of block build was issued.
Example: first Cobra Ball was flying already 1969 (663 number) but second (664 number) was delivered in 73 if I remember correctly. Same with other aircrafts, they were never delivered same year.


There were few fancy nosearts spotted on RCs but...not this time. Maybe later with some updates




Copy subfolders to specific folders in your mod directory.
Aircraft,Pilots, Decals.
Thats it.


Report bugs.
Keep an eye on enemy.


Jarek Hereda


The History of Big Safari, Colonel Bill Grimes.
great web of recce wisdom by Kingdon R. Hawes - http://www.rc135.com/0000/INDEX.HTM
Freedom Through Vigilance Volume V: History of US Air Force Security Service Airborne Reconnaissance, Part II (Volume 5), Larry Tart.

What's New in Version 1.5


  • INI updates. Fixed airbrakes and engines by 76.IAP-Blackbird.
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Fantastic! Saw some of these in the UK and Alaska during my time in service. Outstanding work! 

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