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-SF2- test in sf2NA-work


This mod based on model La-15 by Pasko.
1952-72 yy. Fleet Defender.
Weapons: 2-4-6 IRM(AA-1 AA-2 class) 2-4 SAHM(AA-1 AA-2 class)+3x23mm cannons .
R55 - my varisnt AA-1 IR--Based on data R-13(repainted skin)
R55R -/-/-AA-1 SAH --Based on data R-40(repainted skin)
Radar. -Based on AN APS-4 radar pod(repainted skin)
Hud display- from cockpit MiG-23ML(repainted)
Cockpit- MiG-19(radar version)
3 skins: silver(with reds s.n); Blue NAVY(blue-whithe s.n)+ nose art-eagle based on real picture by capt. Maximenko from 120IAP (1988-89yy MiG-23MLD afganistan-uh-1& r-60 in hends by eagle in my version fury& r55); end NAVY camo blue-green-silver(yellow-black s.n)
Wings drop tanks- MiG-9 model by Timmy.-no drop
Sentral tank Metheor model
Pylons-2xMiG21PFM Senter pylon+2x APU-60-1.+ dual rack IR AA-2
On carriers deck: static La-15 open cannopy.
Holes.tga files- my variant.
DATA.ini- i chenge engine to R-11-300 from stock MiG-21F-13


Model La-15 -----Pasko
Cockpit -----Stary
2IR dual rack ----Monsun
Skins & hangar screen----SaVaGe
& others G.mens.

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