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sf 2 Agosta class SSK

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for Strike Fighters 2
v1.0: SF2:NA 15-22/07/2017


In French, these are called Sous-Marin
Agosta-class submarine
(Agosta-70 and Agosta-90B / Khalid-class )
The Agosta-class submarine is actually two related class of diesel-electric and fast attack submarine developed
and constructed by France's DCNS to succeed the Daphn? submarines.
The French Navy grouped this model of submarine in their most capable class as an oc?anique, meaning "ocean-going."
The Agosta-70 are in the active service with the Spanish Navy, Pakistan Navy, and formerly by the French Navy
when they commissioned the Scorp?ne class submarines.
The Agosta-90B is a modernized version that is built as part of a joint-venture by Pakistan's KSEW and the France's DCNS
for Pakistan Navy and features the air-independent marine propulsion.
The Agosta-90B are slightly larger and modified submarine that has a crew of 36 plus 5 officers and can be equipped with
the MESMA air-independent propulsion (AIP) system.
The Agosta–90B class submarines also known as the Khalid–class, is a modernized and long–range air-independent powered
submarines designed and developed through a joint venture between the French DCNS and Pakistan's KSEW Ltd.
--------------French Navy
Agosta (S 620) completed 1977 decommissioned 1997
B?v?ziers (S 621) completed 1977 decommissioned 1998
La Praya (S 622) completed 1978 decommissioned 2000
Ouessant (S 623) completed 1978 decommissioned 2001


--------------Spanish Navy
Galerna (S 71) completed 1983 in service
Siroco (S 72) completed 1983 decommissioned 2012
Mistral (S 73) completed 1985 in service
Tramontana (S 74) completed 1985 in service


--------------Pakistan Navy Hashmat class & Khalid-class
PNS/M Hashmat (S135) completed in 1979, originally named Astrant
PNS/M Hurmat (S136)– completed in 1980, originally named Adventurous


In 2017, the Agosta–90B Khalid became the first submarine in the Navy to launch a nuclear-capable missile
when it test fired the Babur, providing Pakistan with an offshore nuclear second strike capability


PNS/M Khalid (S137) built in France by DCN Cherbourg, completed in 1999
PNS/M Saad (S138) built in Pakistan with French assistance, completed in 2002
PNS/M Hamza (S139) built in Pakistan, commissioned 14 August 2006


-------------Royal Malaysian Navy
Ouessant (S 623) completed 1978 decommissioned 2001 in France and sold it.


Installation (SF2):
Simply extract each folder into the matching folders in your mod directory.
.......C:\Users\ pc name.....\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 NorthAtlantic\Objects\GroundObject....
Special thanks:
TW Game
WhiteboySamurai for help in me to get in the Modding for Ships
FRENCH & SPAINISH Member's in combatace....
3D MODEL= AceSfakia
DATA.INI = AceSfakia
Kit - L’Arsenal
Net Marine
Global Security
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