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F-101 Voodoo Escort Fighter, as it was meant to be. 1.0.0

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F-101 Voodoo Escort Fighter, as it was meant to be.

Before the F-101 Voodoo suffered from 'mission creep and bloat' turning it into a (failed) nuclear strike fighter it was meant to purely be an escort fighter to protect Strategic Air Command's bombers. Before the name change to F-101 it was designated the F-88K Voodoo. Those original F-88K specifications made no mention of any air-to-ground role ("not a pound for air-to-ground!") and included an armament of three AIM-4 Falcon air-to-air missiles employed by the MA-7 fire control system with APG-37 air-to air-radar, full 7.3 G capability and K-19 gunsight (as on the F-105).


F-101A Voodoo Escort Fighter:
- Full 7.33 G.
- Reduced the effect/ impact of  the stall/ spin when you pull up suddenly in the FM.
- MA-7 FCS with AN/APG-37 Radar, 30nm range.
- LABS/ bombing control system removed from cockpit and replaced with MA-7/ Missile control system.
- K-19 Gunsight system (as on F-105).
- 3x Semi-recessed AIM-4 Falcon Missile stations.
- “Not a pound for air-to-ground!”
- 1957 Service entry.

F-101C Voodoo Escort Fighter:
- As above plus:
- Upgraded Pratt & Whitney J57-P-413 engines delivering 11,628 lb dry and 17,100 lb afterburning.
- Upgraded AN/APG-125 Radar, 60nm range
- (X)AIM-4H Falcon missiles with proximity fuse and enhanced manoeuvrability (1971).
- 1966 Service entry.

The stock TW AIM-4D Falcon has had its performance data dumbed down in order (I presume) to represent its poor performance when used by the F-4D Phantom in the game. However the reason the Falcon missile performed so badly when used by the F-4D was more to do with it being used outside its engagement parameters and the complex/ lengthy manual firing process the F-4D could only used. When used as designed by the fire control computer (FCS) of the F-102A/ F-106A and fired within its parameters (the FCS  assisted the pilot with this) the Falcon was as effective as any other missile system of the era. In fact the IR seeker of the AIM-4D/ AIM-4G was the best on any IR missile until the AIM-9L was developed. As such I have corrected the data for all the Falcon missiles. 

F-4E (75) SAC SIOP skin for ravenclaw_007’s USAF F-4E (75)

1, Install the F-101 Mega Pack Version 2.0 https://combatace.com/files/file/12117-f-101-mega-pack-version-20/
2, Install the F-4E USAF pack vers.1.2 https://combatace.com/files/file/13932-f-4e-usaf-pack/
3, Unpack this mod and drop the objects folder into you SF2 mods folder.

Enrico "ErikGen" Gennari

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