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Socotra 1.0

This terrain is written for SF2NA and SF2 Israel.


I. Short description:

Socotra is a relativly big island on the shores of the Horn of Africa. It belongs to Yemen.
Socotra is an ideal position to control all shipping lines between the Mediterranian Sea and the Indian Ocean.
The power who controls Socotra can easily block the oil support from the Gulf to Western Europe.
Socotra is the cork in the bottle neck, like Djibouti, the Suez Canal or Gibraltar.
From mid 1960th to the fall of the Soviet Union, the soviets had an airbase on Socotra. In the 1980th on the base one regiment (squadron) of Su-24 bombers was active on Socotra.

This terrain is made for a scenario that the Americans must defeat the soviet forces on Socotra island. They had to operate from carrier positions in the Gulf of Aden. For all guys who love to fly Air Force planes i made a temporary american airfield in Somalia.

In the timeframe, where the soviets have no own carriers the single missions are focused on Socotra island. When the soviets field carriers the terrain is mostly focused on carrier vs carrier battles. So, if you prefer carrier vs ground battles you must choose missions before 1976. After that date you will have to fight Kiev carrier battle groups.




To run this terrain you need SF2NorthAtlantic and SF2 Israel or SF2 Europe.

Unzip all files into your saved game folder ...ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2XXXX

Thats it.

If you have SF2Israel installed you must do nothing more.
If you miss SF2I and have SF2Europe you must open file


with Notepad editor and look for the lines:


change the entry into:


save the file


III. Credits.

Tileset            made by Stary (SF2 Israel enhanced tileset)

GK-P-14            Tall King Radar, made by GKABS

GK-D-30NVA        D-30 howitzer made by GKABS, modded by me.

Shelter1            circular aircraft shelter taken from AirfieldDevKit_v1.1, made by Pureblue

TOD-Trees        taken from Angola Terrain, made by ??? Stary???    

ZIL-157 Sam Trailer        made by ???, taken from SF2_SAMs_Pack,

EWalls 500,100 and 50 m    taken from AirfieldDevKit_v1.1, made by Pureblue

D_Bunker            taken from AirfieldDevKit_v1.1, made by Pureblue

BTR-60             made by Pasko, taken from SF2_Panzer_Pack , skin modded by me

SA-5 + SquarePair        made by FastCargo, taken from SF2_SAMs_Pack, radar modded by me

formation.ini        Soviet tank attack formation modded by me

T-54 and T-55        Fla-MG added, tactical numbers added, modded by me

T-55 destroyed        taken from SF2_Panzer_Pack, made by Suicidal

T-72 destroyed        taken from SF2_Panzer_Pack, made by Suicidal

KS-60            made by me

FireCan Radar        made by Juhlhelm

Spoonrest        made by FastCargo, taken from SF2_SAMs_Pack,

ControlTower.LOD        made by RussoUK

M38 Jeep            moded by me

Fahrer            Jeepdriver, must be placed in Weapons folder!!!!!!!

I hope i have not forgotten someone.


IV. This Terrain is Freeware. Commercial use is not allowed.

And i say it again for the YAP, YankeeAirPirates file thiefs, the use of this terrain and parts of  the terrain for commercial use is not allowed.



For remarks, comments, bugs, etc please use CombatAce forum or send me a PM.

Hope you enjoy it.

Michael (Gepard)

Made in Germany
26. Dezember 2021




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Lovely terrain this - love the concept. Thank you.

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