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MirageIIIV Minor update. 2.0.0

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Version 2.0

Mirage III V Very Minor update, which corresponds to the actual description of the aircraft.

Flight model & main aircraft data not changed, left as is (as the author, very careful takeoff/landing control is required):smile:.

1.Main engine update (Added Afterburner / Effects).
2.Cockpit/ Avionics.(In my opinion, since this is still a prototype aircraft).
3.Default Loadouts.

Thanks Plane Authors.

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In order to get the afterburner effect without turning the nozzle, in my opinion, the simplest way (without changing the data.ini) is to simulate the operation of the Snecma TF-104 more correctly (purely visually).
Original Aircraft data uses all engines/effects as rotary, I tried different ways to add afterburner effect and settled on this method. Write your opinion, please.
My intentions were:
1. Simulate the afterburner effect (which is true according to the characteristics of the main engine).
2.  I didn't change the settings the data.ini settings, they are good in my opinion.

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No no, you did well. It would just be logical to add to Main Engine. but that works too. I understand your reason. Do not modify the main engine. All the same, at full throttle, it is set on fire, even so, even in your modification. Well, it's a convention. Just do not need to give full throttle when taking off. If we talk about what I change for myself, then I returned AvionicsDataFilename=SHAHAK_AVIONICS.INI
and changed in SHAHAK_COCKPIT.INI
this made it possible to combine the explosions from the cannons with the sight marker when attacking ground targets. You did well. Well done. I will use your version.

in [AircraftData]




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