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The F-14A+ Tomcat the best fleet defender. |



With the gracious permission of;


The Mirage Factory and Olivier ANGUILLE (BPAo);


This update includes the avionics upgrade by Sandmartin and Batman1978 which uses the avionics70 file to provide improved HUD and air to air radar and tracking capabilities and the TCS mod. This TCS mod provides a boresighted view only and does not (yet) track selected targets. The Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) has been updated and includes the implementation originally developed by wpnssgt.


This variation of the original F-14A in one of the later operational configurations

to guard the fleet; the F-14A+. This is a minor tweak of the ini files to update the engines and radar. The F-14A+ included the same engines for the F-14D but this version did not include the air to ground capability of the F-14D. This is not the pre-production development mod but the fleet operational version which was also later referred to as the F-14B. Both the F-14A+ and the F-14B were employed in the fleet at the same time, with the F-14A+ generally deployed to the Pacific and the F-14B deployed to the Atlantic (the principle difference between the two aircraft being whether the squadron was in the Pacific or the Atlantic Fleet). This aircraft was withdrawn from fleet service in 2006 and replaced by the F-18F in the air to air role. All F-14's received air to ground capabilities in 1995 which are included in this model with the addition of conventional air to ground bombing capabilities.


The squadrons which deployed with the F-14A+ were VF-11, VF-24, VF-32, VF-74, VF-102, VF-103, VF-142 and VF-143. Those skins are not included in this file and must be downloaded and installed separately. The squadron skins included in this model are the original ones in the Mirage Factory F-14A. I recommend deleting the squadron skins in this model and loading the others. Since permission to include those skins was not given, those skins are not included here.



export : None


Just unzip this entire folder into your WOE/Ojects/Aircraft folder.


Note -1. The avionics upgrade by Sandmartin and Batman1978 uses the avionics70 file to provide improved HUD and air to air radar and tracking capabilities. This avionics70 mod does NOT work in a Wings Over Vietnam (and possibly not in Strike Fighter) only install. So if you are using a WoV install you will need to use the alternate cockpit using the avionics60 version. The TCS mod works in both versions.


Note; the missile stations are designed to pick up Active Radar Homing missiles and will employ the AIM-7 and AIM-54 series air to

air missiles. The model here will also pick up the AIM-120 series in the sim, but the aircraft was never wired or certified to

carry that missile. So if you want the realism, don't load that one.


Good hunting!






SFP1 Model



3D : BPAo

Textures : Column5 (templates)

FM : Column5

Sounds : Aaron Swindle




VF1 : Column 5

VF2 : Sundowner


VF31 : Sundowner

VF84 : Sundowner

VX4 : Sundowner





3D : based on JT's from Thirdwire public cockpit, modified by BPAo

Textures : based on Thirdwire, news BPAo, HUD from ArmourDave team (Sal, Lansen, Rafael et AD himself)


Effects : Deuces, JSF_Aggie


Pilote Texture : Pappychecksix




3D : Crab_02

Textures : BPAo



3D : Crab_02

Textures : BPao


Original F-14A Test Team


Manetsim, Sony Tuckson, Nico, Column5




What's New in Version   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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Very good work! The only thing that doesn't work is the afterburner muzzle flash, but it's not a problem: this tomcat accelerates to mach 2,4 without troubles

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