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American SouthWest

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American SouthWest Terrain for SF, WoE & WoV


This semi-fictional terrain represents Southern Texas and part of Northeastern Mexico (Tampilas/Monterrey) region, along with part of the western Gulf of Mexico. I use the term 'semi-fictional', as for the most part, the cities and airfields are relatively close to their real life locations, but some fictional target areas have been added for playability. I've designed this to be used in the alternative world of the "Global Sedition" vs the "North American Alliance"; it is, however, usable in any era from 1940-2040, with minor changes in the targets and types inis. The terrain could use some more work, but I'm releasing it "as is", as there's pretty much not more I can do with it.


This terrain is a rebuild of a partly completed build found via a discussion at SimHQ. It should also be noted at this time, =I DID NOT BUILD THE TERRAIN!!= I'm only completing someone elses work...and couldn't have done it without the assistance of some superb people. The original readme is included. So the =ONLY= credit I can and will take, is for simply finishing the job.


This package ONLY includes the necessary inis, HFD, TFD and a few add-on objects that are needed for the necessary eye-candy. 3 Planning Maps are included, for the varying zooms, but they are very basic and won't show the cities and 'other' target areas. NO terrain tiles are included (see Notes below for reccomendations)


It has been -almost- completly rebuilt, the creation of briefing, movement, a completely NEW targets ini, and upgrading the data ini to the latest standards (ie: one that works). Water effects are active, so Vista users take note...more information for you is below in the Install Instructions. See "Notes for Vista Users".


It is set up to use the SF desert tiles. You WoE and WoV users WILL have to get a suitable 'alternative' set of tiles; See the NOTES section below for more information, and my reccomendations for tile sets.


It is reccomended (read: REQUIRED) that you have Pasko's SAMs and Vehicles Pak installed in your GroundObject folder; either or both the Desert or Euro skinned vehicles, plus any additional vehicles such as Kesselbrut's ZIL truck pak, Infantry paks, Moonjumper's fix for the BM-14-16 (adds working Kytusha rockets) and any other SAMS or AAA, vehicles or whatever strikes your fancy. With such an 'open ended' time frame for use, any and all GroundObjects should be available for use.


PLEASE!!! Read the enclosed 'asw_readme.txt' for full, detailed step-by-step install instructions. Also, the "Notes" section which has further detailed information pertaining to tile sets and Vista users. EVERYTHING you need to know is in there..I wrote it so you'd have as little problems as possible


Happy Hunting!


Kevin Stein

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