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Weapon Data Editor v02.20.08

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I have fresh-installed my WOE, from C I next move to E my private Dir. Before doing it I had DL from TW the required Update 0f Oct 2008b, I repeat, version b. Next, I copy-pasted from my previous backup files of Terrains, no problema except Vietnam, Taiwan, and Libya whose seas stll look strange, i.e., viewed from afar there are (I have discussed them with Wrench et al senior modders 1 or 2 months ago) simmering parts of the seas in those three Terrains. Namely, in somewahat like jagged square lines.


I just found out thet twice I tried in vain to activate the Weaponata Editor of the laatest version i.e. Oct. 08, in same machine in the Weapon sub-dir. It refused to function, gave me to choices, among them Patch to Win Vista??? How come, I just re-installed my Win XP that works quite OK.


It used to be hassle free to activate it. So, I just again DLed the WeaponEditor here in the DL section. Any help please? Thanks to all who tke times to reply and help me.

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It works,but for those who doesn't understand it...it is broken :)

Hi,i don't know too much , of course:this: , but i try this tool in WOE patched to 08, with NF4, what work fine before, and when use it, the loadout of any aircraft is empty.

Anyboby can help me/us with problem?. Thanks if you can say me correct way to do, step by step.

By other way, do you know the best/later weapons pack for WOE 08?

Greetings & Thanks:salute:

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He open, but i cant click in "open" button, (to open a weapondata.txt and save later), because he program close automatically.


I running it with Win98 compatibility.


Some idea?

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