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Modern Darwin/Timor

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About This File

Modern Darwin Terrain Ver 2.0

for SF/SFG/WoV/WoE & SF2/SF2:V/SF2:E


UPDATED to Version 2.0 6/11/09


This is a rebuild of MY rebuild of Edward's WW2 Pacific Theatre map of Northern Australia, Timor, and parts of Indonesia. This moves it up into modern-ish times; the operational time frame I've designed it for is apporximately 1950-2050. Modern place names have been used were needed (and discoverable!). It has been extensively updated for Post-08 Patch Level installs for the Classic Series ™ {herein after to be known as "TOS"}, and is usable in the New Series {herein after to be known as "NextGen"}.


The Update is designed to COMPLETLY replace the earlier version I'd released some years ago, and is a COMPLETE terrain with just about everything needed for installation.


It has been extensively re-tiled, with the addition of MANY parts from the WoV "GreenHell" ™ mod by Brain32 & CA_Stary, while still using ONLY the original stock tiles (in other words, TODs for the jungle/paddy/grass. City TODs are still the stock ones, due to target placements within the cities) . The target areas have been 'cleaned up' and enhanced, including some that are of a 'fictional nature' to enchance gameplay. The movement ini has had some additions for CAS missions on Timor., The data ini has also been brought up to present (post-08) standards, with all effects activated. For mission and campaign builder, 2 Friendly Carrier stations have been added.


I've included several new ground objects, mostly to replace some that have gone missing from General Usage ™. Included are 1 new destroyer, 2 1/2 aircraft carriers, and some other things. (I say 2 1/2 carriers, as one, HMAS Australia, is just ini edits to create a "What If..." for the RAN). There's also quite a few surprises ... so keep a sharp eye out, especially when flying near coastlines/ports at night ...


*NextGen users take note -- you =MAY= be making data ini adjustementst for use in SF2/SF2:V/SF2:E. I've experienced NO anomalies during testing. Your mileage may vary*


**SF/SFG/SF2 Only users take note: you will be missing 2 of the naval vessels; the SumnerFRAM2 destroyer and the SCB-125 Essex class aircraft carrier. You will have to import the various and sundry bits from WoV or Post-08 Patch WoE. Or find "other alternatives". Or switch to WoE/WoV as your main gaming install.


It is also suggested (read: REQUIRED!!) you have the latest weapons pak installed for the various guns, SAMs, and whathaveyous. This is mostly for the ships, and air defense units --this is MOST critical for NextGen SF2 series users!!!! Any additional Ground Objects you can get your hands on, is also HIGHLY reccomended!! (Pasko's SAMs and Vehicles Pak, Kesselbruts Zil Trucks, you get the idea...)


As always, unzip this to a temp folder or your desktop, and you'll have access to the rest of the readme for it's instructions. It is also HIGHLY reccomended you read this document ALL the way through to get an understanding of what's to be accomplished, and how to do it.


Happy Landings!!


Kevin Stein


ps: yes, I've reused the same screenie. Just too lazy to take/make a new one

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This would be great if u had the advark F-111 and the Australian F/A-18A Horrnet. great for sim'syes.gif


:salute:FYO, I have not d/l this yes, soon I hope, yet I have seen somewhere Timor and there were not many coconut trees a long the island coastline. I found it a bit odd that the Eastern part of Timor Island do not have coconut tress. Just for your info. Hopefully, there are many here in your mod. Thank you.:salute:

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FYI; this is my 2nd D/L of this Ships-Packed Terrain. 1K WOWS! However, early dawn this morning I was DEAD as my Su-27 Indon skin went BOOM! BOOM! :yikes:on Runway perhaps in TIMOR or Sumbawa Barat when I and my fellow fighters were to strike targets in Darwin (Never found in WOI nor WOE a Strike Mission with SHIPS as Primary Targets.).



I did a merged on it the (forgot the exact title) PAved Air Base something like that, containing three .ini(s) i.s. Parking, Taxiin, and bla bla bla, PLUS just ONE .LOD . Since the Run Way was jagged when we landed, and that the pavement was more suitable for Off-Roading, I simply delete the files. But, gosh! somewhere someplace in Darwin there remained the whole Folder of the Paved Air Base, and of course with exactly same dot inis and one LOD files.


Yet, before I completely 'evicted' these small files, as soon as I was BBQ-ed on the Runway, I ESC-ed, and reflew only after doing this simple step, namely, made the necessary change of the GamePlay in OPTION scree: form Runway ti In Air. Problem SOLVED, I was thinking, and prematurely felt great.


Mama Mia! When we RTB (no loss op, three ships and five enemy jets, the F-4Es were history), there was not any Air Base! Just GREEN.... like a Golf Course!


So, silly me, I was compelled to Dee-El this again.....C ya all later.:salute:

p.s. Got three or four possible glitches made by the modder of this Terrain. Later I shall Up Load the Screen Shots, namely, the JAGGED Runway as we landed, and the No-Show Air Base pavement etc. As said, just GREEN.......

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