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F7U Cutlass

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About This File

Vought F7U-3M Cutlass by MarcFighters


A Stand-Alone aircraft for SF/WoV/WoE/WoI


This is a General Release of Marcello's F7U Cutlass Beta -(minus), as such it IS an incomplete aircraft, with many parts of the physical model either non-functional (ie: control surfaces, etc), or semi-functional. Please consider this a "Beta - (minus)" type of release.


It is a complete aircraft, with respect that all the bits needed to unzip and fly away are included. It is fully carrier capable, and has been tested off various US carriers.


I've tried to do what I can, with ini edits and other 'tweeks' to make it more functional. I don't think they came out too bad. We can only hope that in the future, Marcello releases a finished version. I'm doing this, simply because many people want this aircraft in their stable, even with all the warts still on it :) I hope Marcello dosen't mind!!

So, please take this in the spirit given.


Said data ini edits make the aircraft fully carrier capable (!!), via a ''virtual'' tail hook. A full cockpit, based off the F-4Bs in included, as are all the inis. The avionics ini includes an audio-only RWR, beeping ONLY on the 'track sound'. These are basically missile-armed interceptors, with 2 of the 4 20mm guns removed. As such, it is still a fully capable ground attack aircraft, carrying rocket pods and bombs.


It has a new skin, representing F7U-3Ms from VA-116 , aboard USS HANCOCK during the 1957 time frame. It's one of the few squadrons that painted their aircraft in the gull-gray/white scheme; most of the Cutlass' were left natural metal. The skin was created from a template I drew up, based on the UVmaps supplied in the original limited release in 2006 (?). Templates ARE included, as I'm not real happy with the skin in some respects; it needs further work and there are some bits on the map I can't figure out. So, if any other skinners want to have a crack at cleaning it up; have at it my brothers and sisters!!! :) Panel lines need some additions, small vent details, etc, etc, etc.


New, historical decals are included for 25 aircraft; modex numbers and BuNums that ARE 100% accurate, as they are real serial numbers as issued by the US Navy BuAer. Those marked with a star (*) in the number list are actual aircraft from VA-116; the other are fill-ins. Meaning, I could find a listing (read: photo) of the others.


It is set up to use the Bunyap Pak, as only it contains the VERY early Sparrow missiles, and the drop tanks. I've set it to use the drop tanks from FoxMontor's F3H Demon, as they have nearly the proper shape and size. Loadout configurations are a 'best guess' in some cases; there is an extra set of pylons built into the aircraft, that I've used for rocket pods in the CAS and Armed Recon mission assignments. In real life, the -3M that this 'represents', only had the fuselage and wing stations. So, consider this something between the F7U-3M and A2U, even though the A2U never went beyond a planning stage, and had 4 more stations for air-to-ground ordanance.


A revamped, newer, cleaner version of my really old Cutlass Hangar Screen is included.


It it advised that if you are using the Mirage Factory Pak, that you copy/import the necessary early style weapons. I've supplied all the necessary bits; they and the accompanying text file with the weapons' data, are in the /weapons folder in the "xtra_stuff" folder.


As it is a complete aircraft, it should also be usable in WoI, although this particular aircaft has not been tested as such -- BE ADVISED, that WoI handles flight models differently, and I (and the folks that originaly built this) cannot be responsible for "adverse handling conditions, leading to uncontroled flight into terrain". Be that as it may, it should work passably! However, it's my considered opinon, that it NOT be used in WoI.


As usual, read the enclosed readme, all the necessary instructions are included. As well as an extensive Notes & Comments section. Many explainations, hints, other informative goodies are there!


With thanks to Marcello for putting this out several years ago, and wishing him a speedy recovery. This one's for you man!




kevin stein

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