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Red Wings Over Dhimar v1.0

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About This File



Campaign mod for SFG


by Baltika






This is a very simple .ini edit to enable Red-flyable squadrons in the stock Burning Sands campaign for SFG. It is tested only in SFG with the Oct 2008b patch, although it should probably work fine in SFP1 as well, and the level of patch should not really be an issue. It WILL NOT work in WoV/WoE/WoI unless you have the stock desert terrain installed to those games, so be warned.


Of course, I spent a day putting this together and then found the old Red Wings campaign lurking on a back-up of my old SFP1 mods. I can't remember where this was d/led from, and it certainly doesn't seem to be available now (maybe at avsim?).


Anyway, the art of making Red-side flyable campaigns seems to have fallen by the wayside, so it's probably no bad thing that this version be uploaded for all to use. The campaign files will not write over the stock Burning Sands campaign, so don't worry if you have a modded stock campaign, eg with vinman's Burning Sands upgrades.


This is a back-to basics mod.


I run it on


Stock SFG

Patched to October 2008b


No weapons packs or anything else. If you have Bunyap's pack installed, you may beed to edit the supply entries for each flyable air unit (in the campaign_data.ini) to get the correct weapons to show up.


You will need to make the stock MiGs flyable - but if you are d/ling this campaign, you've already done that, right ;-)


If not, you will need to install these pits:-



MiG-19S Pit by ordway




MiG-17F Pit by ordway




Su-7BM Pit by Kukulino, modded from boopidoo's Su-15TM pit




MiG-21F / PF / PFM pit by Paladrian



MiG-21MF Pit by Paladrian




I STRONGLY ADVISE that you DO NOT use the modded aircraft_DATA.inis supplied with some of these pits - they do not incorporate all the FM and AI tweaks to the stock FMs included with the new patch, so you will be busting your MiG down to a previous version if you do.


Also, I have not included hangar screens or loading screens for the MiGs, but there are such things available if you want to add them in.


I have set up the d/l package so it should be obvious where everything has to go. I have included a new mainscreen and title music, and Badger's Red-side Pilot Record Screen which is definitely Red-side orientated, so do not install the items in the SFG/Menu folder if you want to keep your existing mainscreen and title music.


For that full-on Soviet experince, you may want to go the whole hog and install one of the Soviet comms mods available at CA.


Any questions, give me shout on combatace.






31 October 2008









"White Army, Black Baron"

A famous march from the Russian Revolution, by Pokrass and Grigoriev

Sung by the Red Army Choir




For the Original "Red Wings — Soviet Campaign for Strike Fighters: Project One"


Credit due to:


R. Lee “Banger” Sullivan

Beta testing by Jeff "STORM" Stoermer

Pilot-record screen by Joe “Badger” Younger

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