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Canary Islands

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Canary Islands Terrain -for SF/WoV/WoE/WoI and maybe SF2 & FE?


This is a small map mod that was sent to me, partly started, by Crusader (IIRC) . I went ahead and targetized it, did some minor retiling (including creating a new "DesertAB1" tile for use under the runways), and generally did what I could to finish it off.


This is a VERY small map, I'd guess in the 250x250 km range, so there is a distinct possiblity of running into The Wall. Hopefully, I've gotten all the movement routes well within. If there is, or anyone knows of a way to expand it.....do let me know and I'll targetize the other islands.... :biggrin:


The data ini makes use of all the latest 'goodies' added by the 9/08 & 10/08 patches as to effects rendering. Included are new targets, types, movements inis and tiles. Everything is included to make install as easy as possible. Even the GroundObjects used are ALL stock types, so nothing new has been added. One thing, however, there are NO SAM sites on either side. Given the small size of the map, one could find himself under fire from wheels up to whereever you're going!

Several new flags have been added; the Spanish flag and for the 'enemy' side, I just reused the "Global Sedition" banner. However, 2 new ones have been added for the Bad Guys ... consider them the 'Easter Eggs' for this terrain.


This has been tested in WoE (my main Laboratory of choice..) As it was originally built for SF, there should be no problems . WoV should also be no problem. It -should- work in WoI and First Eagles, but you'll still need one of the Original 3 Terrains ™ for the terrain cat reachback. This, however, has =NOT= been tested. You use it in these games (WoI & FE) at your own risk.

For SF2 users ... don't know what you to tell ya...you're on your own!

Vista users should also have no problem with terrain effects, as the latest round of patching has apparently cleared up that problem. If, however, you've not patched your game install, I've left the "Notes for Vista Users" section intact, with instructions on commenting or editing the shaders sections.


Happy Landings!


kevin stein


(this is one time I think the readme is bigger than the upload itself....)


PLEASE read this entire ReadMe all the way through before installing; there are some issues I've encountered that need some explaining, and this will give you a better understanding of what I've trying to accomplish.

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